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Author Topic: FVSU's Dr. Griffith: Is he a Wolf In Sheep clothing? You Determined  (Read 517 times)

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Many of FVSU alumni knows, Dr. Griffith was appointed by the Board of Regents to our university. He is going on his 2nd year here and many alums are wondering about his views in regards to the university. While attending Saturday's game in Savannah, one couldn't help but notice his quick departure immediately after the game. It was so quick that he didn't even give respect to the Alma Mater.  Though I know he is a busy fellow, he didn't wait for the Alma Mater to be rendered by the band, and when he was rounding the track, he didn't break stride in his escorted walk with Officer Bryant and his wife. Any president learn the ways and tradition of an institution, and observing the Alma Mater after a game, isn't just an FVSU tradition, it is a tradition that many, if not most, HBCU's do......That is something rather minor, but it does give a preconceived notion that can be taken in a negative manner........

I also gained knowledge about the administrators which I gave reference to in an earlier post. I found out that his administrators who makes over 150K recieve raises from Dr. Griffith. He has also allowed the Provost husband to get a job paying 75k. Now, that isn't a problem until you send 13 African American single women home, after having giving raises to the people in your cabinet. Then after sending the ladies home, you tell them or reference it to a 7.1 million dollar deficit. How can Griffith afford to give raises to his cabinet over the last year? Not only that, but Josh Murfree, the athletic director (which was Griffith's first hire), received a raised; the only problem is, he hasn't raised any money for the athletic program.

 This leads me to the area of the band, all the raises, along with hiring the provost husband (75k salary); we still do not have a band director, which is a critical position, just like paying the other coaches that have volunteered their time just to have a football team this season.

One can't help but ask, how did the budget go up from $4 million to $7.1 million in the year, plus a few months, that Griffith has been president of FVSU. Yet, he has been able to travel nationally and internationally on USDA, federal, and state dollars? The math just doesn't add up.....

If you doubt me ask for the facts directly, and I bet you will get a short answer, or a statement where someone will try to appease you, or an evasion of the question.

Therefore I ponder the topic question, Is he a wolf in sheep clothing?
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