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Author Topic: FVSU Needs Alum Support  (Read 329 times)

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FVSU Needs Alum Support
« on: September 09, 2014, 12:04:55 PM »
I am reaching out to all alumni of FVSU, as well as others that would like to give or could provide valuable information, to come up with new ideas to market, recruit and raise money for our university. It is evident that our institution is in need of help, from the area of enrollment to the area dealing with finances. We must not focus on the past; yet, set our views and opinions aside and come up with ideas that will lead us forward.

The first step is we have to come together as a collaborative group and devise a plan. By having a collaborative plan, we can come up with goals. We should divide these goals  up in terms of level of importance, short term, and long term. In doing that, a list will automatically be created, which will show our concerns.

The second step I believe is revenue. We must give back. We have to be able to support the programs that are in placed before venturing out, or we must make sure that we have the revenue to support the new programs that we would like to venture into. Also, we would be able to market our university. Advertising, awareness, and attention are essential in informing people. Once you have reached out to people and made them aware of our university, we have to not only gain their attention, but keep their attention.

The third step will happen naturally. After the "three A's," comes recruiting. If we are able to captivate potential students' attention, then we have recruited them almost. We, as the alumni chapter, must stay committed to make sure that every person that wants to attend FVSU, can and will. Most of us, as alums, know people on the yard that we can introduce a potential student to, that will go above and beyond. Which will give them that family embracement or strong love that is received from every HBCU.

If there are any questions or if you feel you can offer any suggestions, feel free to send me a message on this site.

Please Note: Money that is given, should be given directly to the college, and earmarked for what department if they would like for their monetary donation to go to. Especially, if they would like for it to go to a certain cause.


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