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Author Topic: Beyonce tribute to Trayvon Martin  (Read 161 times)

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Beyonce tribute to Trayvon Martin
« on: July 15, 2013, 04:54:25 PM »
For those who may be unaware, Ms. Bey paid a tribute to Trayvon during her tour stop in Nashville this past Saturday nite.  When informed of the verdict, she expressed a couple of remarks, and sang Dolly Parton's song, "I Will Always Love You".  I know Whitney Houston recorded this song and turned it into a mega-hit, but Dolly wrote and first recorded the song, which was a VERY MOVING and beautiful tribute to Porter Wagoner, from whom she was separating her professional relationship.  Dolly's version REALLY CAN draw you to tears.  :'(

Anyway, first became aware of the tribute when sweet and precious 23yr old Ms. Strike was giving me a run down on the concert yesterday.  More about that later, Ms. j and other Bey fans on this board.  :)  Anyway, when Ms. Strike informed me that Bey paid tribute to Trayvon, I had newfound respect for Beyonce, and was wondering what you peeps know about what other celebrities may have said, tweeted, face booked and the like in response to that TRAVESTY of a jury verdict in Sanford.

As for the Beyonce concert, Ms. Strike texted me late Saturday nite and said it was "AMAZING!!!" She performed with her all-girl band, and part of the performance included acrobatics.  Won't say anything else as, although Ms. Strike may be one of the biggest Beyonce fans in Middle Tennessee, Ms. j and others are huge fans on this board, so don't wont to spoil it for them.

With that said, just know that I have newfound respect for Bey.  And having seen her when she last performed in Nashville around 6 years ago, and knowing that Ms. Strike and Ms. j are big fans, lets just all bow down and acknowleged that this gal IS The Boss.  :lol:  So I am not going to sit silent on this board and allow you haters to trash this gal..................and that includes you TOO, GALFAMU.   :lol:


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