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Author Topic: Perspective on Cell Phone usage from man who made first cell phone call  (Read 536 times)

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Full article:

"On the day he made that first cell phone call, did he have any idea what the ramifications for society were going to be?

"How could I have?" Cooper said. "This was 1973. Was I supposed to know that one day you could get the internet on your cell phone? There was no internet -- how could I know that? Was I supposed to know that there would be cameras built into your phone? It's still kind of ridiculous, when you think of it.

"But back then, it wasn't just ridiculous -- the thought didn't even come up. There was no digital photography then. Take pictures from your phone? How were you going to get the roll of film into it?"

Cooper is hardly backward-looking, by the way -- he is very much involved in coming up with new ways to use the technology he helped to introduce. But he is dismayed by what he believes is people's subservience to the electronic devices that are supposed to be serving them."

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