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Author Topic: Overpaid Teachers?  (Read 1717 times)

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Re: Overpaid Teachers?
« Reply #15 on: February 26, 2011, 10:12:09 PM »
y, I am waiting on an answer?  Some people need to come to reality. What is really happening in this country is the "so-called" business leaders have run private industry in the ground and now they are getting welfare via the gov't.  There is a mandate in GA that if services is available by private industries, the state is encouraged to use private companies.  This means that the state should replaced its IT department, Accounting Dept, Fleet maintenance, etc.  In some cases, we could use some services to augment our workforce, but I am very leer about turning every thing over to private companies. 

The reason being is the State provide a service and private industries look to make a profit.  In some cases, these two are counterproductive and I have a great example where saving money is not in the best interest of the public.  You know the state was responsible for cleaning out the drainage system along side the interstate and there is no way to cut corners on this because in heavy rain, the interstate will flood. Well that job was turned over to a private company and they fail to do what was required by the state. Well, it rained really hard and guess what happened?  People had to use the surface streets.  Again this is almost a billion dollars of your money gone down the drain.
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