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Author Topic: The King center in Atlanta is a disappointment.  (Read 9631 times)

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Re: The King center in Atlanta is a disappointment.
« Reply #45 on: January 26, 2011, 03:51:55 PM »
Place you bets here that the Escapee from Charles's sack can't come up with five posts that normal folk would consider positive.  Odds right now stand at a 1000 to 1. :shrug:  Emoticons don't count. :lol:

You seem to be rather amused at the fact that babies come from their fathers sperm mate.

^^Heres a rather helpful book on the knitty gritty that goes down....Consider this one of my positive posts :blush:

If that's what you consider positive that's just sad.  :no: That young man is a smart aleck remark.   Y is just being a clown, because my comment about Daddy Y's sperm and he will be my cyber stalker until he gets over it.  :lol:  You on the other hand must live a pitiful extistence if that's all the positive you see in life.

Since you  only see what is wrong with everything IMHO you will eventually be consumed by negative.  :no:

For the record,  I already had two kids when you were bumping your head on Charles's sack wall so I definitely know where they come from and how to make one, but thanks for doing the best you can to be positive. :shrug:

I was looking for a post that fits this definition  "emphasizing what is laudable, hopeful, or to the good; constructive: a positive attitude toward the future; "

SInce you want to be funny here is a link for you.

And here I am thinking you were born in 1982.

Our differences seem to be purely generational now that I think of it. Let your kids read my posts and see how they " :nod:" their head while reading it

1982????  I got a pair of Stacy Adams I've had since 82. :lol:  Yes there is a great generational divide, and thus I am greatly disappointed because you, an alleged learned individual can be so mean spirited and hateful in most of your post with nothing positive to say about anything or anybody, that it makes me shutter to think we will be turning this world over to you.  :no:

82 because of the 82 in your name.

To be fair its apparent we come from different worlds so the world you hand to your kid wont necessarily be the one I get

To Kill a Mockingbird



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