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Author Topic: B2K Member Admits He Was Sexually Abused...  (Read 3228 times)

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Re: B2K Member Admits He Was Sexually Abused...
« Reply #30 on: January 04, 2011, 04:13:21 PM »
??? Is this guy somebody?
:lol: :lol:........I have read EVERY post on this thread up to this point, but THIS one^^^^ had me guffawing so much I damn near fell out of my chair.  :lol:

soflo, but for the presence at home of then teenage Ms. Strike, I, too, would be clueless about lil Raz B.  :lol:

Now, in addition to reading the posts, I've viewed the youtube clip, and I didn't know whether to  :lol: or  :'(.  This lil bruh seemed REALLY disturbed.  But I want some of you Generation Y or X or whatever the name for those under 30 to enlighten a brutha on something.

Did I NOT just read in the last day or two that lil Raz B has now RETRACTED these allegations of sexual molestation?  :(

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Re: B2K Member Admits He Was Sexually Abused...
« Reply #31 on: January 04, 2011, 05:38:26 PM »
No, the allegations were made 3 years ago with a leaked tape or something. He retracted it then. Since then the other group members have cut Raz B out of the money. Boy retaliated by recording and posting this  last week, basically blowing the doors off the barn. He's just mad, that's all. He needs a hug and a contract. Other than that it is not even about molestation. He just throwing sucker punches.  :lol:


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