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Author Topic: Put Justice Above Politics: Tell Senate Leaders to Confirm Goodwin Liu  (Read 637 times)

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Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Take Action Now:  Call Senate leaders Mitch McConnell (202-224-2541) and Harry Reid (202-224-3542) and tell them not to place politics above justice for the American people.

There are only days left in the 111th Congress -- and the clock is ticking on President Obama’s nominations to the federal courts.  Despite the fact that our federal courts are experiencing an unprecedented vacancy crisis that has left one in eight benches empty, obstructionists in the U.S. Senate have repeatedly used delay tactics and procedural tricks to block President Obama’s nominations to fill these court seats.

One of the nominees affected by this partisan bottleneck is Goodwin Liu, who was nominated to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on February 24, 2010.  If confirmed, Liu would bring much needed diversity and representation to the Ninth Circuit, which handles appeals for California, Hawaii, and other Western states with high Asian Pacific American populations. 

Liu has demonstrated throughout his career that he is highly qualified for a seat on the Ninth Circuit. His standing as associate dean and professor at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law and his past legal work has confirmed Liu’s independence of thought and respect for the Constitution. Liu’s principled and fair-minded qualifications have led to strong bipartisan support for his nomination from across the political and ideological spectrum.  Yet, a partisan minority in the Senate is trying to keep Liu’s nomination from even coming to a vote.   

Senate leaders need to hear that they must put aside petty partisanship, stop the obstructionism, and commit to confirm qualified nominees like Goodwin Liu before they adjourn for the holidays. As Senators, they have a constitutional duty to advise and consent on the president’s nominees -- and the American court system needs them to take this responsibility seriously.

Two calls can make the difference.

First, call Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell at 202-224-2541. Tell him to stop blocking the confirmation of Goodwin Liu and other qualified nominees.

Then, call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at 202-224-3542. Tell him to stand firm in demanding that the Senate give Goodwin Liu an up or down vote before adjourning for the year.



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