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« on: March 24, 2010, 01:57:29 PM »

Text EAGLES to 50555 to Contribute $10 to NCCU Student-Athlete Scholarships


DURHAM, N.C. ( – Supporting student-athlete scholarships at North Carolina Central University has just been made easier.

Simply text EAGLES to 50555 to make a $10 donation in support of scholarships for NCCU student-athletes. The $10 donation will be applied to the donor’s cell phone bill.

The NCCU Department of Athletics has teamed up with the NCCU Foundation and Mobile Accord/mGive to make this technology available.

Contributions may be made at any time, but the official kickoff for the NCCU Athletics text message donation campaign will take place on April 10 during the Maroon vs. Gray spring football game at O’Kelly-Riddick Stadium.

For those who want to make a donation to NCCU student-athlete scholarships, a simple text message contributes $10 to the scholarship fund, billed to the donor’s mobile bill. How to contribute:

Text the word EAGLES to 50555 to give $10
When prompted, reply with YES to confirm your one-time gift
The $10 one-time donation will appear on your next mobile bill
Receipts can be printed at
Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my text donation will go to the non-profit?

100% of your text donation is delivered to the non-profit organization.

How can I cancel my text donation?

Once you have confirmed your donation by replying with YES, mGive cannot cancel your donation. Please contact your wireless carrier for more information.

How can I confirm that my text donation went through?

Go to and enter your mobile number. If your donation did not go through (and you have not donated to any other campaigns), you will be told that no donations were found for that mobile number and you should try again. If your donation did go through or you have donated to another campaign, a PIN number will be sent via text to your phone and you will need to enter it on the site where requested. You will then be able to see confirmation of all donations you have made via the mobile phone number that was entered.


Can I donate more than $10?

Most wireless carriers will allow you to donate up to $20 (two $10 donations or four $5 donations) to a specific keyword, but up to $100 to a specific short code (such as 90999). Therefore, if you have already given $20 to a particular organization, you can still donate to other mGive clients that are able to accept text donations.

I just made a text donation, why I am getting multiple text messages from you?

When you make a text donation, you will receive a text back asking for you to confirm your donation by replying with the word YES. Once you reply with YES you will receive a thank you/confirmation message that your donation was successful. You will then receive one more text asking you to reply with YES if you want to receive text updates from the non-profit. You do not need to reply to this message if you don’t want to receive updates. If you DO want to receive text updates you will need to reply with YES.

I texted STOP, why did you send me another text?

When you text the word STOP, we are required to send you a follow-up message stating that you will not receive any more messages. If you send the word STOP again, you will get this confirmation message again.

I tried to text in the keyword but got a message back saying that the short code has expired. What does this mean?

This message means that you have premium text messaging (anything that will cost money) blocked on your phone. You will need to call your wireless carrier to have premium SMS enabled if you want to make a donation.

What Carriers are participating in the text donation campaigns?

AT&T Wireless
Verizon Wireless
US Cellular
Virgin Mobile
Cellular South
Cincinnati Bell
Plateau Wireless
Simmetry Wireless
Pocket Communications
Mid-Tex Cellular
NEMont Tel Coop
Leaco Rural
Union Wireless

How long will it take for my mobile donation to be remitted to the charity?

This varies on a per carrier basis; however, each carrier is doing their best to get the funds to the charity as quickly as possible.


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