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Author Topic: Houston closes schools again Tuesday as city remains under boil water notice  (Read 68 times)

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 :shrug: Texas has the infrastructure of third world country.

Houston closes schools again Tuesday as city remains under boil water notice

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19h ago

I work in the water /wastewater industry in the Houston area.  It was not a power/grid failure to the plant, it was a transformer internally in the plant that failed.  Now they have two of these, and we were told that both of them failed.  I highly doubt that both of them failed at the same time, that just doesn't happen.  I bet the other one was likely down for a while and nothing had been done.  Takes forever for the City to approve anything.  Then, the second transformer failed which resulted in a total loss of power to the plant.  I've seen many times how the City of Houston runs it water/wastewater plants.  Most of these are band-aided together running on its last leg.  This is the typical City method of operation.  If people could see what I have seen out there, they would be furious



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