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Author Topic: Revionist History and Political Amnesia - How #3TimeLoser45 Abandoned the Kurds  (Read 37 times)

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Not only did #Erratictrump set up conditions for a messy Af'stan exit by:

- signing a capitulation agreement with the Taliban
- excluding the Afghan govt from negotiations with the Taliban (but negotiating with and giving status to terrorists, like he did with Norht Korea's murderous leader)
- forcing the Afghan govt to release 5,000 prisoners - mostly Taliban, including its current leader

...he also completely screwed over American allies - the Kurds - in Syria.

Remember the Kurds throwing potatoes at withdrawing US troops?

Here's a decent summary of what happened:

Here's a previous comment on this Board about it:
#ErraticTrump impulsively did a lot of stuff - like backstabbing the Kurds, who were US allies against ISIL and Iran.  On a moment's notice he abandoned them ON THE BATTLEFIELD (apparently to please a fellow authoritarian, the Turkish President). Then, he LIED by saying the Kurds were "happy" as Kurdish men, women and children ran for their lives as they were forced from their homes.  The Kurds threw potatoes at retreating and sympathetic US soldiers to show their disgust and disappointment.

.....And other comments here:



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