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Author Topic: Wendell Scott’s NASCAR trophy is finally going home, after nearly 60 years of wa  (Read 186 times)

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Before Wendell Scott died in 1990, he accurately predicted the future.

The former NASCAR driver, team owner and mechanic had a hunch that he would eventually receive his rightfully-deserved recognition.

“He said that, ‘I may not be here with y’all, but one day I’ll get my trophy,’” said Frank Scott, Wendell’s son.
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 :no:………..Wendell Scott received his RIGHTFULLY EARNED trophy, posthumously, damn near 60 years after winning the race. But, what about the lost earnings during his lifetime as a result of the slight that would have now inured to the benefit of his family?

Sorry, but beyond what satisfaction this late honor may bring the family, there really isn’t a lot to celebrate here.  :(

Btw, is it permitted in those states which have enacted laws against the teaching of “critical race theory” in public schools to teach children attending those schools about Mr. Scott’s story?  :shrug:

God bless America.   :(



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