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Author Topic: Smoked Salsa Verde on the Traeger  (Read 137 times)

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Smoked Salsa Verde on the Traeger
« on: August 21, 2021, 07:46:48 PM »
OMG! The bomb got detonated a bit earlier today. Bruh man took it to a whole nother level today.

Smoked tomatillos, mild hatch peppers, jalepenos, Serrano peppers, onions & garlic on the Traeger. Then switched it to grill as we prepared some medium sized shrimp on skewers for a Mexican inspired salad for dinner.

Grilled off the finish the salsa ingredients and put them in the blender with the juice of a few limes, EVOO and coarse salt with an entire bunch of cilantro, stems and all…washed of coarse before pulsing in the blender. Added a couple of eyeballed TBS of ground cumin.

Aw man, that joint was off the chain…I may have to sell a few jars and test market it. The smokiness of the veggies gave it a better earthier taste vs just blender green tomatoes. The peppers and smoked seeds…whew….amazing notes to finish it off.

The chilled Pinot Grigio with the salad entree and side of salsa….-and we used a bit of the salsa to marinate the shrimp prior to grilling….

I want a piece of that damn Bobby Flay….I’d wear his ass out….



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