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Author Topic: Biden to Harris: Disaster 1 to Disaster 2  (Read 43 times)

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Biden to Harris: Disaster 1 to Disaster 2
« on: June 10, 2021, 11:27:49 AM »
June 10,2021

By Steve Feinstein

That “President” Biden is an unmitigated disaster as our chief executive is so painfully apparent to everyone that it hardly seems necessary to point it out.  Nonetheless, just briefly consider:

Catastrophic Governance

His policies -- anti-energy, anti-business, anti-military, anti-America First -- have wrecked the economy, driven gas to over $3.00/gallon, given us the absolute worst illegal immigration crisis in our history, and bankrupted the country. In a warped way, it’s kind of impressive that he’s done that in only a bit over four months.

Leadership Vacuum

No one believes Biden is calling the shots, He’s totally malleable to behind-the-scenes operatives, acting in a confused, unknowing fog, reading as best he can from the teleprompter, and hiding behind his weird “I’ll get in trouble if I answer any more of your questions” excuse.

Made America Weak Internationally

The ayatollahs from Iran, Russia’s Putin, and Xi Jinping of Communist China are licking their chops at the prospect of having their way with poor ‘ol Joe.

Family Corruption

Has there ever been a “First Family” with anywhere near the decades-long, indisputable record of dishonesty, financial misdealings, and outright graft that even approaches that of the Bidens?

Diminished Mental Capacity

For those among this readership who have a compromised older family member, it isn’t merely the grotesquely obvious signs of dementia that mark Biden as severely limited. It’s the more subtle behaviors that betray his overwhelming incapacity. A clear example occurred just recently when the ever-admiring and forever-excusing liberal media caught up with Biden as he was eating an ice cream cone. Breathlessly shouting out, “What flavor?” the media proceeded to float a softball his way, asking if there was any possibility that the Republicans might compromise with him on his infrastructure proposal.

That Biden (pre-coached, no doubt) predictably belittled the Republicans is not the point. The issue for those who have the experience with elders is the manner in which Biden was eating his ice cream cone: the tentative little bites and the way in which he seemed so preoccupied and protective of his treat, in an almost childlike way. It’s tough to put into exact words, but anyone with a badly slipping elder family member or friend recognizes this demeanor. Biden is well past even the vaguest pretense of mental competence.

This brings us to Kamala Harris. For these and other reasons, the Democrats will ditch Biden for Harris when they believe Biden has outlived his usefulness and feel that a Harris presidency can be leveraged for maximum political advantage. But other than transparently boasting that Harris is the country’s first female president, how would a Harris administration benefit the country? It won’t.

In modern times (since, say, 1960 Kennedy vs. Nixon), there has never been a vice-president or vice-presidential candidate more ideologically radical and more singularly unqualified to be president than Kamala Harris. Cabot Lodge, Miller, LBJ, Muskie, Shriver, Dole, Mondale, Ferraro, Bentsen, Kemp, Gore, Lieberman, Edwards, Palin, Ryan, Kaine, and Pence all had their strengths and shortcomings, but each one was a serious, experienced politician who was qualified to be president if the need arose.

The mainstream liberal media would be quick to say that GHW Bush’s VP -- Dan Quayle -- was not qualified presidential material. As they are wont to do, the liberal media jumped all over his totally inconsequential “potatoe vs. potato” spelling controversy and lined up against him when he opposed the TV show Murphy Brown’s character’s decision to have an out-of-wedlock child. How dare he have the temerity to question the moral decision that the distinguished and sophisticated liberal icon Candice Bergen would bring to a mass television audience?  Conservatives will rightly point out that while Quayle had a penchant for saying inopportune things, he was not the ideological extremist that Harris is, nor was he beholden to the farthest reaches of his party the way Harris is and he certainly was not the inexpert, experiential lightweight that Harris is.

With her constant situationally inappropriate hyenalike cackling, her astonishingly unserious, wild proclamations about matters of critical national import (such as her preposterous assertion that “climate change” is a root cause of illegal immigration), and her bizarre narcissistic need for self-promotion as evidenced by her passing out “Kamala Harris” cookies to reporters, it is clear that Harris is nothing more than a hastily cobbled together collection of progressive checked boxes: Person of Color? Check. Female? Check. Victim of discrimination? Check. Radical ideology? Check.

Yet these boxes remain distressingly unchecked:

Detailed understanding of economics and taxation
Job creator
Successful manager in the “take no prisoners” private sector
Scientific/technical expertise
Awareness of American and world history.
Knowledge of military strategy, hardware, and weaponry
To be fair, not all great presidents check every single box. But every passable president checks at least a few of them. Harris comes up totally empty.

Exactly when the Democrats will decide to discard Biden like three-day-old bread remains to be seen. Perhaps it will be after the Democrats have passed all the extreme legislation and executive orders they feel they can get away with. That would make some sense: get as many radical policies in place as possible, have them fall on Biden, then get rid of Biden in order to distance and inoculate Harris from Republican attack for those policies in 2024.

The flaw in this thinking is Harris’s incredible weakness and unsuitability for the job of commander-in-chief. Her leadership tenure would be a total catastrophe for America. She’ll be far more concerned with satisfying woke obligations than acting in the country’s interests as a whole. America under a Harris administration will be more divided and polarized along racial, gender, and ideological fault lines than ever before.

The Republicans had better get this entire election integrity/fraud situation resolved by the 2022 midterms. Every thinking person knows that Joe Biden did not legitimately win the 2020 presidential election. His term has been the absolute fiasco for America that people feared it would be. A President Harris will be even worse. If she “wins” in 2024, the negative consequences for the country will likely be permanent and irreversible. That is the very definition of “disaster.”



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