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Author Topic: Multiple people shot at FedEx ... near Indianapolis International Airport.....  (Read 283 times)

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SHOOTER WAS A 20-YEAR OLD WHITE MALE WITH PREVIOUS MENTAL ISSUES.  Who is Indianapolis FedEx shooter Brandon Hole? | Fox News

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???^^^ok, the article linked in your post states that he’s 19 years old. So either way he’s practically the same age as the 20 year old black boy who was blown away last Sunday by the Minneapolis suburban cop.

So this is a tale of two baby-faced young boys. The black boy is killed by a 26 years veteran cop who CLAIMS she thought she was discharging her taser, but, instead, blew this kid away with her department issued glock. The white boy has some kind of rifle where he killed EIGHT people, injured 4 others, then blows himself away.

So guess which of these boys is STILL considered MORE dangerous by MOST people in this country?  :shrug:

Carlos Gambino said it best: THIS is America!   :no:

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Not a damn thing. 

Now go sip on some Oban.

I did finally try the Oban. 
I dig it!

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Looks like a good guy with a gun got his cap peeled.  :shrug:

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Teeny and Little



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