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Author Topic: Remember when Wildman spanked Olds..t...? OKAY, I know, there were MANY times!  (Read 64 times)

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This particular thread
was locked, so I could not post in it:

I simply wanted to tell Wildman that once again I used info from his Original Post (OP) in that thread to DEMOLISH some BS by Repubs, including Black #ErraticTrump supporters.

THANK YOU, WILDMAN,....AGAIN!!! The gift that keeps on giving.

I added to that great nugget of history, one of my favorite CRUSHES of poor little y04 who claimed I was lying when I said it here on O-dan years ago. (He didn't even take time to Google it, before embarrassing himself in public........AGAIN.)  He's such a big-time Repub that he COULDN'T BELIEVE that southern GOPers had segregated units.

One was the 'Black and Tans' and other was - WAIT FOR IT - The Lily Whites.

When I posted the proof, y04 went POOF!!!!

Gone are the good ole days when Olds..t and y04 would EVEN PRETEND to have a discussion. 

They got blown away so often, they both decided to abandon ALL pretense and either (for Olds..t) just call names OR (y04's favorite) do a McConnell imitation and keep his head inside the shell by not even making a comment on what he posts.



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