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Author Topic: What if Trump Wins? Europeans Fear a More Permanent Shift Against Them  (Read 40 times)

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What if Trump Wins? Europeans Fear a More Permanent Shift Against Them
The New York Times   
Steven Erlanger, The New York Times • February 18, 2020

MUNICH — There was a lot for diplomats and policymakers to consider when they gathered at a recent global security conference in Munich: China rising, Russia meddling, Germany weakening. But the inescapable question — the one that might change the world most immediately for Europe — was whether President Donald Trump would win reelection in November.

Rightly or wrongly, the consensus among European diplomats and analysts is that Trump is likely to get a second term. But there was also consensus that such an event would be a significant part of a drastic, and potentially permanent, shift in global affairs for which Europe remains woefully unprepared.




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