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Author Topic: House hearing on reparations for slavery is set for first time in more than a de  (Read 258 times)

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You tube ain't facts- you see bruh YOUR problem is you have no knowledge or opinions of your own.

What difference would it make to your black sorry a** ?

What was the unemployment rate of blacks when Obama took office- what was the unemployment rate of blacks after Obama left office??- HOW MANY TOTAL POINTS DID OBAMA LOWER THE BLACK UMEMPLOYMENT RATE AS COMPARED TO TRUMP.  Obama had to climb a steeper cliff-. That is like one many running a 100 yard dash and you take over the last five yards- the time is a world record , but YOU take the credit for it even though you only ran 5 yards out of the 100.


And your dumbass (like 99% of conservatives) can't distinguish the difference between "there" and "their". Yet you attempt to debate as though you have some kind of intellect. Go sit'cho dumb behind down somewhere...

Yes, I make mistakes typing. I type "there for their" incorrectly - fool. Again, go watch the circus of hearings on the BS subject of Reparations - IDIOT.

That's not a typing mistake. That's a lack of intellect mistake. Like Ken said. That's why your dumbass never got promoted in 20 years.

Fake news.

Fake G. I....

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To OS and all those readers who think like him, here is the truth, we as a race must help ourselves and stop looking for the gov't to save us.  You want to blame Obama for a global slowdown and point to the fact that blacks were not doing well under him.  However, as someone once said, if the white man gets a cold, we get the flu which relates to any economic slowdown. 

We have our cure for our flu, and it is called supporting black-own businesses.  Yes, how many of those people like you are putting some of their money in a black owned bank?  How many of you support black owned businesses? Why don't our organizations place their money in a black bank? In fact, every black mega church should have all its money in a black bank which will cause our banks to increase in value and make some good investments. 

Let face it we make over a trillion dollars a year, and if we spend 10% of that money supporting our own, that would be 100 million a year that flows through black hands. Based on what I learned in business classes, we should let it circulate at least five times before it leaves our communities.  That 100 million will have the effects of half a trillion dollars.  The bottom like we need to bank, buy, and build black.
Your treatment of others give them control of your soul
Matthew 5:25-26

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And to people who site all these civil rights bill. Most of those bills written for blacks were not even enforced until the late 1970's. In 1968 over 91 % of civil rights bills to help blacks were not even being enforced.

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Those #ADOS clowns on social media think differently.


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