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Author Topic: Reason for WSSU's Boulware getting fired is reveled....  (Read 3408 times)

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Re: Reason for WSSU's Boulware getting fired is reveled....
« Reply #30 on: June 19, 2019, 12:19:49 AM »
Mine was a documented harassment complaint. My lawyer told me that I had a good case, but since she could not sue for damages, I would have to give her a retainer just to receive a written apology and it was not worth it. I have advised all that I know that both your University and state of NC Tenure code protects the University and the System and not the teacher and any ranking administrator including a coach covered by it. That would not be true for a office worker or maintenance worker. You can avoid this by doing what none of us would know to do. Totally avoid the printed university grievance procedures and go straight to a labor lawyer. Then like the office secretary, you can get you one of those lawyers who advertise "I don't get paid unless you do." You nullify this once you start with the university grievance procedures. The coach may win, but he will lose.



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