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Author Topic: Atlanta HBCU commencements targeted by racist Westboro Baptist Church  (Read 320 times)

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The thugs want shoot them,but they will break in their cars or Rob them....

No they won't.  They don't do Jack to white people.
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They tried that s**t a Howard and they lasted 15 minutes on campus- even the chief of police of DC who is a Howard alumnus told the students how proud he was of them.

Prove it. That's just your opinion.  No facts whatsoever.

For the reside ignorant a.z.z. punk on the board...

With fists raised in defiance, the sea of students sang “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” and students shed a few tears. Only 20 minutes after starting, Westboro headed down the hill to the taunts of Howard students, who turned around to send them on their way.

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The thugs want shoot them,but they will break in their cars or Rob them....

They just don’t know...mess around and end up in The Bluff if you want to.    I made a left off of MLK and ended up in the Bluff one time - messed around and busted my tire on a pothole...I hauled @zz on 3 tires back up to that Wal Mart  :lol:

Heck, run into the right family from the graduation. I can hear somebody’s mama or daddy now “they better take dey @zzes on - much money as I paid for this degree?  I wish they would”.

They never protest too close to the festivities though.  They’ll probably be down there by Ivan Allen Blvd ol punks.
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