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Author Topic: Not Deep State/Admin State - It is #ErraticTrump's INCOMPETENCE &LAWLESSNESS  (Read 28 times)

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All of this bullcrap about deep state, etc. is just that - bullcrap.

The plain and obvious truth is that #TrumpTheChump is such a WEAKLING that he can't even get his own White House staff to do his bidding!!!  He's a pitiful namby-pamby pushover.  Folks he hired and is paying tell him to "Get Lost!  I ain't doing that 'crazy isht!"

And he doesn't do anything about it!!  All he can do is Tweet and whine.

What a LOSER!!

Some pundits are talking about how McGahn, Lewandowski and others saved #ErraticTrump's presidency by NOT FOLLOWING HIS WISHES!!

First of all, that is no defense against ENDEAVORING (that's the word in the law) to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE.

Secondly, and much more importantly, as #RealPresident Obama pointed out, that is not how a republic or democracy is supposed to work.  Nobody ELECTED McGahn or Lewandowski to stand in the way of firing the Atty General or the Special Counsel or whomever.  No!

The voters (through the Electoral College) invested those powers in the President.

We've all seen that #ErraticTrump can't negotiate ANYTHING, but "this president," as his supporters like to say, CANNOT EVEN GET HIS EXECUTIVE, PERSONNEL OR POLICY DECISIONS ENACTED.

So, he's not only not running the govt, he's not even running the White House.

This is not my opinion.  These comments are simply reflecting the EVIDENCE, sworn to by his OWN APPOINTEES, contained in the Mueller report.

#Loser45's incompetence has been put on blast along with his lawlessness and his total disregard for the norms that have prevented the US from becoming a banana republic.

He can't help himself because he's pathological.  And unfit for the office.

The real disgrace are the Repubs in Congress who live in constant fear of a Tweet from him.  A complete disgrace and a menace to Constitutional government due to their cowardice and massive hypocrisy.

Long Live Killmonger!


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