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Author Topic: Black People Are Not Your Travel Photo Props  (Read 69 times)

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Black People Are Not Your Travel Photo Props
« on: February 08, 2019, 03:23:41 PM »

Everyone doesn’t have an eye for photography. It takes creativity, time and the ability to be bold. In today’s society, sometimes you need to be careful with just how bold you should be.

One photographer is feeling the heat after he thought it was a great idea to capture a white woman dressed in beautiful dresses in the middle of a village in Cameroon. In the photos, Awamu Moja, the photographer from Luxembourg, posed a model standing among residents of the African country, posing in different outfits, one being a wedding dress. In two of the pictures, she is even holding a child for some reason, surrounded by Baka people, who are hunter-gathers.

Makes me think of that scene in 'Mahogany' where Sean is photographing models amongs the poor folks in the ghetto. Brian asks Tracey 'how much do the models make?' Tracey replies '$75 an hour'  and an irritated Brian asks 'how much are these people getting paid?' and TRacey looks at him annoyed as hell "thatsnot the point!!!"   :blush:



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