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Author Topic: Former PVAMU WR Hodge Playing for Rams in Super Bowl  (Read 238 times)

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Former PVAMU WR Hodge Playing for Rams in Super Bowl
« on: January 31, 2019, 04:54:34 PM »
KhaDarel Hodge, former PVAMU WR and D'Lo, Mississippi native, will play for the LA Rams in the Super Bowl.  He's spent much of this season on special teams.  Hodge is also an aspiring male model.

Finally, he heard from the Rams, who didn’t offer him a contract. They offered him a tryout. He tried out – thought he did well – but no contract was offered. He went home to D’Lo, continued to work out diligently, and waited for a call. He never gave up. All he needed, he thought, was a chance.

KhaDajah Hodge, his twin sister, finally told him, “Don’t you know how to pray?”

KhaDarel went to his room and did just that. Believers no doubt will call what happened next Divine Intervention. Doubters will call it coincidence. Hodge went out for a run that afternoon, taking his cell phone with him. The phone rang. It was the Rams. They needed another receiver in training camp.



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