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Author Topic: The Damage of #ErraticTrump Presidency Is Incalcuble and Long-Lasting  (Read 12 times)

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Editorial: While America slept, China gained a stranglehold on the Panama Canal


Under President Donald Trump’s watch, Washington has stood idly as China rolled into Panama and established a major hemispheric foothold alongside a waterway essential to U.S. commerce and national security. Much as former President Jimmy Carter was blamed for negotiating the treaties that handed control of the U.S.-built canal to Panama, it was Trump who allowed China to sink its claws into this highly strategic asset.


In August, Washington was shaken by news that El Salvador had withdrawn recognition of Taiwan in favor of China. The Dominican Republic did likewise only three months earlier. Panama did it in June 2017 — all without consulting the United States. John Feeley, the U.S. ambassador to Panama, resigned in protest at the Trump administration’s lack of attention. His replacement hasn’t been named.

[I crossed out that Jingoistic imperialist racist bullshyt in the first section above.]

The US Ambassador mentioned is the only one of the half dozen or more Ambassadors I met (because he hosted the Howard Gospel Choir).  He is probably the FIRST official of the #Loser45 administration to resign IN PROTEST ON THE RECORD.

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