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Author Topic: The SIAC Championship Game  (Read 3258 times)

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Re: The SIAC Championship Game
« Reply #30 on: November 14, 2017, 08:44:54 AM »
what do you expect! You have around 11 or 12 scholarships. Coaches that are grossly underpaid and only 3 full time assistant coaches . You have coaches that are doing an outstanding job for what they lack . You should asking the AD ( who spends more time taking pictures and getting in the way than fundraising)what he is doing to make things better.  Like one FVSU poster keeps saying what are you the fans are doing to help the team meet your expectations.

First of all, how would you know how many scholarships we are providing to our student-athletes outside of the information that was provided in the media a year ago? Unless, you have friends or working with the coaching staff. Secondly, we never stated the coaches were not doing a good job. We are stating the obvious with our new OC and difference from last year to this year. Fort Valley isn't one of those schools that you wish to come to pretend you know football and the X's and O's. You will get your feelings hurt severely. Coach Porter is from Warner Robins and he knows what's up. Thirdly, we are not even going to discuss the person playing the role of an Athletic Director. He doesn't even wish to be there and I don't know why he applied for the position, if he is not willing to increase our corporate sponsorship and fundraising to elevate our programs. Many alums are fed up with him and some failed to assist him when it comes to the lack of financial requests he makes to the alumni. Trust me when I tell you we want him gone. But, we do love our athletes and our students and that is why we are making concerted efforts to increase financial support. Yes, we are doing more than in the past to combat the disparity financially and we support this administration in the transformation of Fort Valley State to what we know it has and can be for future generation Wildcats. With everything, things take time.

But, since you made it a point in championing for our athletics cause, on Tuesday, November 28, which is GivingTuesday, you wouldn't mind donating to our efforts. It's another campaign promoted by the National Alumni Association to get our grassroots activated by small donations to our students, student athletes, and Blue Machine Marching Band. So, I look for your donation.

that's all...   :tiptoe:
I actually do have have friends on the coaching staff plus your athletic department budget is public records. As for X’S and O’s we can talk for hours on that and after we talk you will have new mindset. I’m not going to defend your OC but your QB didn’t make plays and he had time in the pocket to make better throws. As far giving to FVSU football  I have no problem with that , but  it doesn’t help when you have that man as your  AD.
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Re: The SIAC Championship Game
« Reply #31 on: November 14, 2017, 09:33:19 AM »
Here again, why is he our QB then? Doesn't that fall in line with the coaching staff allowing him to play? Actually it works both ways for the QB and the OC. The OC knows his QB can't run and the boy continues to run and he doesn't tell him. Maybe he does or doesn't. But, IF the OC is drawing up quarterback draws and run plays for this dude, it is much his fault as the QB doing it. Now, if he's running for his life because of OLine protection breakdowns, then that's different. The QB should know he's a pocket passer and need to be making better decisions on the field. He's an experienced QB and he should play like it. As I stated about our AD, we do want him gone because he isn't doing the work as he makes people pretend that he is. I have giving alums that have showed their disdain for the lack of communication and assistance to financially supporting athletics especially when it comes to football. If it wasn't for the love of our alumni, our sports programs would have been a distant memory with this dude. All of our alums are big supporters Coach Porter and his staff and we know the lack of funds are dire to field a consistent winning program. But, we are definitely trying and we will gradually get there because we want to keep Porter.

that's all...



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