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Author Topic: NCAA cites 'lack of institutional control' at Southern, imposes heavy penalties  (Read 1402 times)

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 :tiptoe: :popcorn: Getting ready for the Classic.........

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Onward and forward, Jaguar Nation  ;)

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a lot of hbcu's are probably guilty of this.  i can't recall exactly which hbcu's it was in the recent past, but far more than a couple have also been found guilty of the exact same infractions.  i "vaguely" remember which hbcu's it was, but i won't try to guess which ones because i don't wanna mistakenly sight the wrong schools...

Morgan St
Norfolk St

They are making their rounds.

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How Did Southern Commit Hundreds of NCAA Athletics Violations?

And why did officials try to blame it all on the former athletic director?
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I'm saddened to hear this about one of our better schools. This should serve as an eye opener to the rest of us.  :'(


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