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Author Topic: Week #10 SWAC Predictions  (Read 1737 times)

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Week #10 SWAC Predictions
« on: November 01, 2016, 06:36:00 PM »

Undisputedly  THE most important game of the week. With both teams SCG hopes literally on the line this game could virtually mean the end of the season for someone

Both teams are just coming off statement games. For Prairie View they let the SWAC conference know that they are still very much in it and aren’t going away without a few busted noses.

For Alcorn State...well they are still bringing sacrifices to the football gods and Prairie View for handing Jackson State a loss. Even though they are still literally in the exact same position they were in last week the Braves can’t afford too chance losing to the Black Panthers having one of their two games left to be played against their arch nemesis Jackson State who has all but put their ownership label on the Braves.

Either way it ends somebody is going to leave a little bit closer to elimination and it looks like it’s going to be the Braves. Black Panthers by 8

This game is anybody’s guess. Both teams have shown spurts of improvement only too fall back to their old ways when confronted with another challenge. I’ll give the advantage to the home team in this one. Bee’s by 2

After coming away with another blowout win against a team without a full allotment of scholarships don’t look for the Gmen to slow down anytime soon. Gmen in another rout.

In a game that has absolutely nothing on the line but school pride I’m going with the home team even though the Lions seem to have all but cashed it in. Lions by 2 in a toss-up game.

Coming off a statement game the Jaguars are position to be trapped but don’t look for them to fall into it. Jaguars keep their eyes on the prize at home and set things up for a rematch at Blackshear Stadium in front a packed house. Jaguars by 18

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