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Author Topic: My Take On:The Sunday Night,Monday Night and Thursday night NFL Games  (Read 200 times)

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Just when you thought the Monday night game between Baltimore and Cleveland and the Thursday night game between Green Bay and Detroit were games you didn't want to watch-THINK AGAIN! And how about the game between Denver and New England. I quote Chris Berman from ESPN: "this is why they play the games."

On Sunday night,back quarterback Brock Osweiler led the Broncos to a win over the Patriots. Many people had the Pats blowing away the Broncos,especially when you factor in the Pats going into the game with a perfect record. Osweiler was just as good as Tom Brady (270 yards,1 TD). But it was running back C.J. Anderson's 48-yard dash to the end zone that sealed the Patriots' fate. According to (Tom) Brady "it wasn't our night." Which to the delight of the Carolina Panthers make them the lone undefeated team in the NFL. And the way the Panthers' schedule looks,they may go undefeated.

The following night,the spotlight shined on Cleveland,OH. The Baltimore Ravens entered the contest against the Cleveland Browns.Just how bad can it get for the Cleveland Browns? You all know the sad,sad history of the Browns.

-Red Right 88 against Oakland
-The Drive verses Denver @ Cleveland Municipal Stadium
-The Fumble @ Mile High Stadium in Denver
-Art Modell moves the Browns to Baltimore...and five years later win the Super Bowl

And now this. The Ravens block a 51-yard field goal attempt by Browns place kicker Travis Coons. Baltimore's special team player Will Hill,III takes it to the house 64-yards for the winning touchdown. And you thought the Lions' fans reaction was bad,Cleveland fans feels just as sick as the Browns' fans. Browns fans were left stunned. They wanted to beat the Ravens REAL bad. Instead,another story in the continuing saga of Cleveland heartbreak. BTW. if I were a Ravens fan,I wouldn't be caught in the middle of the stadium in Section K-9. That's just as bad as being at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia,and you're a Cowboys fan. OH BROTHER!

And speaking of the Lions,their fans had to be the sickest of them all. Detroit dominated the first half of the game. They had Aaron Rogers and the Packers on the ropes looking for the knockout. They led at the half 17-0. When was the last time a Packers' team was shut out in the first half? 

But the second half belonged to Green Bay.

After a Matt Prater 34-yard field goal,Green Bay mounted a comeback for the ages. Packers running back James Starks was headed to the end zone,but fumbles the football. The fumble was recovered by Randall Cobb. Then later, Aaron Rogers connected with Davonte Adams from 8-yards out for the score. Fast forward to the fourth quarter,Matt Prater booted a 42-yard field goal. But back came the Packers as Rogers scampered 17-yards for a touchdown to bring the green and gold to close the gap to a two-point lead for Detroit.

And then the coupe de grace.' With zeros on the clock, Aaron rogers scrambled to left and tossed a 61-yard strike to teammate Richard Rogers for the winning touchdown,and the Green Bay Packer won the game 27-23. A loss that left Detroit fans in shock.

And you wonder why we all love football? These are the reasons we watch,cause you never know what can happen in the National Football League.

That's my take. Now lets hear from you.


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