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Author Topic: 'You're a disgusting human being': George Zimmerman provokes fury on Twitter  (Read 1130 times)

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The Klan had enough "sense" to wear a white hood when killing a black person but Zimmerman don't give a F!

He ain't hiding behind NO mask.   He ain't wearing no white hood.  This n---a (yes, he is- very ignorant and the meaning of the word is an ignorant person) is on the BEACH with a cigar #CHILLIN

And WHY does he have pictures from the crime scene of T. Martin's body????  Why does he have THAT in his phone and did he take them.. did a cop let me take those???

He is straight BRAGGING and don't give a kitty.... Free as a BIRD. 

We not suppose to wish harm on folks BUT ....

And the fact that he also has that confederate flag up on his twitter ... SMH.. this man got BALLS ....  And the kicker is.... this is NOT #White_Privilege  cuz George Zimmerman ain't white.....?!??? 

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Well I am IMPATIENTLY Waiting for his @zz to be tarred and feathered.

I don't want his @zz to die, I want his @zz to suffer.  I want him confined to a wheelchair with a colostomy  bag because he has no control of his bodily functions.  I want to see drool coming out of his mouth, but I want his mind to be sharp.   I want him to WANT to say something, to move, to express himself, but CAN'T.  I want him in his own personal prison.  I want him to have bedsores on his body because nobody gives a damn about him enough to switch his position in the bed.   I want him in pain every day for the rest of his life. 

To call this man scum is an insult to scum.
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