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Based on what I have seen announced on the news, the sad and unfortunate info is that the vaccination rate in the Black community - particularly in southern states - is quite low.

So, if that is accurate, it will be a white GQP and a Black Dem and disease.


Yes, for Black people (and minorities in general), low vaccination rates stem from issues with hesitancy (but not as much as it is for whites), lack of access, time, and other barriers that make it difficult for them to be vaccinated.

And yes, those who have means, time, and social/work flexibility will not suffer from COVID. It will be the poor, minorities and our seniors who will bear the brunt, which will be felt by all because as we know COVID spreads everywhere. 


Lack of access? Access to what exactly in the case of the covid vaccination?

Easy and sufficient access to get vaccinated. A lot of people have to combat lack of transportation, lack of child care, lack of internet access to find and schedule appointments or get time off from work to get vaccinated.

Where do you live, my friend? Because, employers are actually giving people incentives to get the shot. Hell, they are even sending mobile units to the Black Belts to give the vaccine.  :nod:

I live in the backward ass state of Oklahoma where our governor declared last month that "COVID was no longer an emergency."

It's not just getting time off from work to get shots it's also getting time off to recover from any vaccine side-effects. Lots of low-wage workers are not afforded the opportunity to get paid time off or even paid sick leave.

The vaccines are widely available. What percentage of people have side effects which require them to miss work?

Anecdotally people have reported getting a mild fever, chills, and body aches, etc. after getting vaccinated. I don't know the exact percentage, but individuals have taken a day off afterwards.
Devin -

I get what you are saying and it’s true that it has been difficult for some. I’m not going to minimize your inputs and thoughts, as they may reflect reality as you know and witnessed it.

When I got both of my shots, some parents had their kids there. Some came by bus. Some most likely carpooled. Our church held 4-5 organized days where they invited the community to come get the shots. As some mentioned, there were also mobile clinics that went to underserved communities. Locally, they held massive sites at arenas and convention centers, all on mass transit routes, that didn’t require reservations. At most, folks spent maybe an hour or so.

The only requirement was to present your medical card was needed.....and the desire/will to get there.

I know several D9 orgs that arranged Uber rides for the elderly and for those with disabilities locally to get shots...

Maybe this is showing more of how each locale responded with appropriate plans.

It's definitely managed differently depending on the locale. And I'm privy to efforts being made to get the underserved vaccinated, which is a good thing.

I think sometimes we forget how big the world is, and don't always realize that every situation doesn't reflect everyone's reality. Efforts being made to get people vaccinated in one area may not be available in others.   

I'm very fortunate to live in an area where I have access to testing and vaccines. But across town or across the county there is only one location to get tested or one location to get vaccines.

I remember when vaccines were open to the general public in my state, the state health website where people had to register was only in English for about the first month. How can that be an oversight? That eventually got rectified, but it's things like that make it tough for people. I just think we have to realize that everyone isn't on equal ground or have the same opportunities as others.   
Why did he leave Cuba?
These guys have no idea
Lil Marco is one of those racist Cubans who do not have a clue.

Rubio calls it “crazy nonsense.” To Black and brown people, health inequity is dead serious
Sports Forum / Re: Nets v Bucks
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Tucker is a bulldog but Giannis has the length and the agility to do a better job on KD. KD really did the Bucks dirty.  :lol:
Devin's comments lead me to believe he is just anti-Biden or he has no understanding of the constituton.  He seems to think Biden can just wave a magic wand and everything can happen which is far from the case. :shrug:

In SC the main deterrents of not getting the vaccine are.

1. trumpers who refuse to take the vaccine or wear a mask because it violates their rights

2. Black folks who think this is another "Tuskegee Experiment".

  :no: :shrug:

Black people overall are far less vaccine-hesitant than white people.

But we can't blame Black people for skepticism considering this country's history with medical racism and the fact that the government let 100s of 1000s of people die (mostly people who were minorities) during the pandemic -- that's something Dr. Fauci said the medical community had to work to overcome in getting folks to trust the vaccine.

Juneteenth National Holiday Leaves Black People Unimpressed

Local senator calls 'moment of silence' bill unconstitutional
Councilman Bonin Blasts Recall Effort As 'Extravagant Waste Of Taxpayer Money'…

The U.S. Senate has voted to make Juneteenth, a day that commemorates the end of slavery in the U.S., a federal holiday. However, prominent Black voices on Twitter have expressed how they feel about the decision, with many saying it is not enough.

Criticisms have included the fact that making Juneteenth a national holiday does not solve material problems like police brutality.

Zellie Imani, a teacher, blogger, and activist, said: "We didn't ask for Juneteenth to be observed as a national holiday, we wanted an end to police violence."


Another criticism is that the Senate was able to unanimously pass the Juneteenth holiday bill, but is still divided on issues of Black voting rights, especially regarding the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, a Democratic bill that aims to prevent states from carrying out racially discriminatory voting laws.

Writer Liz Dwyer said: "Soooo... Juneteenth can be unanimously approved by the Senate as a national holiday but we can't pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act?"

It's not just getting time off from work to get shots it's also getting time off to recover from any vaccine side-effects. Lots of low-wage workers are not afforded the opportunity to get paid time off or even paid sick leave.

The vaccines are widely available. What percentage of people have side effects which require them to miss work?
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