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How Obama's anti-Israel hostility has left the Middle East situation more dangerous than

June 25, 2019 

Caroline Glick

Israel’s elections do-over has pushed back President Donald Trump’s planned roll out of his “deal of the century,” which will set out his administration’s plan for achieving peace between Israel and the Palestinians. But all the same, members of his “peace team” are making headlines.

In an interview with the New York Times published on June 8, U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman spoke in broad terms about what the Trump team envisages in regards to the ultimate disposition of the West Bank, otherwise known as Judea and Samaria.

Nearly a half million Israeli Jews live in the areas. Another 300,000 Israeli Jews live in neighborhoods in northern, southern and eastern Jerusalem neighborhoods. The Palestinians demand that in exchange for peace, Israel must expel all of the Israeli Jews and transfer their cities, villages, neighborhoods, and farms to the Palestinians.

Israel rejects these positions. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made clear in his last term of office that he will not remove any Israelis from their homes and communities in Judea and Samaria, let alone in Jerusalem.

In his interview with the Times, Friedman said, “Under certain circumstances, I think Israel has the right to retain some, but unlikely all, of the West Bank.”

On Sunday, his colleague Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s special assistant for negotiations, expressed his support for Friedman’s statement.

In an interview at the Jerusalem Post conference in New York, Greenblatt said, “I will let David’s comments stand for themselves. I think he said them elegantly and I support his comments.”

In a separate appearance on June 17, Greenblatt also rejected the Palestinian position that Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria represent obstacles to peace. In Greenblatt’s words, “The lack of peace has nothing to do with the existence of settlements, no matter what people say day in and day out.”

Rather, in his remarks to the Times, Friedman explained that the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to make a deal with Israel is the most significant obstacle to peace. “There’s more blame on the Palestinian side,” he said.

Friedman added, “There were some extraordinarily generous proposals made to the Palestinians that they turned down.”

Friedman’s statements to the Times sparked immediate outrage among the Palestinian leadership in Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s governing Fatah party. Hamas sent a mob to Gaza’s border with Israel to riot in protest. PA leaders attacked Friedman as “a settler spokesman.”

The PA’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it is considering filing a war crimes complaint against Friedman with the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

Members of Israel’s far left joined the Palestinians in condemning Friedman, as did far left American Jewish groups like J Street and Americans for Peace Now.

There are two notable aspects regarding both Friedman’s remarks – and subsequent remarks by Greenblatt – and the furious responses they have generated among the Palestinians and their allies on the far left in the U.S. and Israel.

Friedman’s remarks were notable because he did nothing but restate the positions of all previous U.S. administrations other than the Obama administration. It has been the position of every U.S. administration since the Johnson administration that Israel would not be expected to transfer control over all of the territories it has controlled since the 1967 Six Day War in the framework of peace treaties with its Arab neighbors. The Johnson administration made this point explicitly in the aftermath of the 1967 Six Day War in two ways.

First, then-president Lyndon Johnson’s UN Ambassador Arthur Goldberg insisted that the language in UN Security Council Resolution 242, which set the terms for the ceasefire at the end of the war and the terms for future peace between the Arab states and Israel, enable perpetual retention by Israel of some of the territories it took control over during the war.

As former Israeli UN ambassador Dr. Dore Gold wrote recently, the Johnson administration insisted on drafting the resolution in a manner that kept open the possibility that Israel would retain significant territories in perpetuity.

Two weeks after the war ended, on June 29, 1967, at Johnson’s request, then Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff presented Johnson with the U.S. military’s assessment of Israel’s territorial requirements. The Wheeler memo stated that in all future peace deals between Israel and the Arab states, Israel would be required to retain large swathes of territory to secure its borders.

In the intervening years, as Gold noted, it was the consistent position of the U.S. that Israel would retain significant territory in all future peace deals with its neighbors, including the Palestinians. Even Jimmy Carter, who is widely viewed as the most anti-Israel U.S. president aside from Barack Obama said in 2009, that he envisioned that in any peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, Israel would retain control over blocs of communities in Judea and Samaria.

It was due to this longstanding U.S. position that Israeli leaders were blindsided by the hostility of the Obama administration. Unlike all of its predecessors, the Obama administration adopted the Palestinian position that Israel should be expected to expel some 750,000 Israeli citizens from their homes and cities and neighborhoods in the framework of peace with the Palestinians. The administration made this view clear in its determination that those Israeli neighborhoods and communities were “illegal”.

The Obama administration demanded that Israel prevent Israeli Jews from exercising their property rights to build homes and public buildings not only in Judea and Samaria, but in Jerusalem neighborhoods built since 1967 as well.

Netanyahu was so concerned by Obama’s radical shift in U.S. policy that in 2011 he felt compelled to respond to Obama’s unprecedentedly hostile position publicly. In May 2011, Netanyahu used a photo opportunity in the Oval Office to push back against Obama. Sitting next to a glaring Obama, Netanyahu insisted that Israel would not retreat to the 1949 armistice lines, the country’s indefensible boundaries, which invited invasion before the 1967 war. As the reactions to Friedman’s New York Times interview made clear, outside the far left, no significant Israeli constituency exists for such a position.

In other words, Friedman and later Greenblatt did nothing other than to make official the Trump administration’s rejection of Obama’s radical shift of U.S. foreign policy.

Indeed, in his interview with the Times, Friedman blasted the Obama administration’s radicalism. He said that by allowing the passage of UN Security Council Resolution 2234, which calls Israeli settlements a “flagrant violation” of international law, the Obama administration gave credence to the Palestinian claim “that the entire West Bank and East Jerusalem belong to them.”

This brings us to the left’s condemnation of Friedman and Greenblatt’s statements. Whereas the Trump administration is systematically rolling back Obama’s radical Middle East policies, whether in relation to Iran or Israel and the Palestinians or the Sunni Arab world writ large, those policies did have a profound and enduring impact on the American and Israeli left.

The Obama administration’s positions has shifted the discourse on the left, in the U.S. and the far left in Israel in relation to Israel and the Palestinians to a starting point that assumes that Israel’s unification of Jerusalem in the aftermath of the 1967 war was illegal and that all Jewish presence in unified Jerusalem, as well as in Judea and Samaria, is similarly illegal.

The Democratic Party’s newfound hostility to Israel, expressed among other things in the refusal of all declared Democratic presidential candidates to attend the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC’s annual convention in Washington in March, and in repeated allegations of racism lobbed at the Israeli government by Democratic White House aspirants, is a direct consequence of Obama’s radical shift against Israel.

It is hard to overstate how radical, and out of step with the basic principles of international law, this position is. It is also hard to overstate how hostile this position is to Israel’s very existence.

The Trump administration may or may not end up unveiling its peace plan. And if that plan is unveiled, the question of whether it will have a lasting impact on the politics of peacemaking in the Middle East will be a function of whether Trump wins reelection or if he is defeated by a Democratic challenger next November.

What is clear enough is that it isn’t the Trump administration that has adopted positions radically out of line with those of previous administrations. Rather, it was the Obama administration that adopted positions hostile to Israel that represented a clear breach with the positions of all of its predecessors – Democratic and Republican.

It is similarly clear that the Obama administration’s radicalism in turn radicalized its supporters in the Democratic Party and in the far left in Israel and worldwide. And as a consequence, the distinction between the two major political parties in the U.S. today on the issue of Israel and the Middle East has never been more pronounced or dangerous for Israel.

Caroline Glick is a world-renowned journalist and commentator on the Middle East and U.S. foreign policy, and the author of The Israeli Solution: A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East. Read more at
Politics / Re: This right here made my laugh HARD
« Last post by Strike79 on Yesterday at 02:00:05 PM »
Alum^^^this dude Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, and the rest of those nutjobs orchestrating and implementing what purports to be Iranian foreign policy don’t have a CLUE about who they f’ing with trying to deal with Iran.

They’re trying to squeeze those people economically enough to say “Uncle,” and hope that compels them back to the negotiating table. Yeah, the sanctions are really making it tough for the Iranian people, but those people have dignity and self-respect. And, more ominously, they have “proxies” around the world who they can commission at anytime to strike at American interests.

This dude Trump is going to wound up getting ALOT of people f’ed up.  >:(
Politics / Re: Trump accused of Rape by magazine writer
« Last post by Ken on Yesterday at 02:00:00 PM »
So trump has never raped anyone or paid anyone off to hush his affairs right????  Even though he admits grabbing by the P#### on tape.
WaPo’s Robinson: Some Black Men Voted Trump in 2016 Because of His ‘Bling,’ ‘Gangsta’

Washington Post columnist and MSNBC commentator Eugene Robinson on Tuesday’s “Morning Joe” looked back at the 2016 presidential election and said President Donald Trump had a lot of votes from black men who supported Trump’s “bling” and “gangsta” attitude.

Robinson said black people did not pay attention to Trump until he brought up the “birther thing” with “ridiculous lies” about the first black president.

“Black people started to pay attention to him — not in a good way because he was telling, you know, these ridiculous lies about the first African-American president in a way that sought to delegitimize him,” Robinson stated.
The columnist added that the few black men that did vote for Trump fell for his “faux machismo.”

“He got a few votes from black men last time around. I think he will get fewer,” he predicted. “I don’t know what that is about. It may be a certain sort of faux machismo that he tries to project. It may be all the bling that he so ostentatiously displays in a certain sort of attitude that — that of gangsta that he tries to show … I think it’s over.”

Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent

hope he makes the team.  we hbcu's are very "under represented" in the nba nowadays.  to my knowledge, norfolk's kyle o'quinn is the only active nba player that i'm aware of who went to an hbcu...

Robert Covington — Tennessee State — plays in the league.

forgot about him.  sometimes i forget that tennessee state is still an hbcu despite being a member of the ovc...
Politics / Re: Trump accused of Rape by magazine writer
« Last post by oldsport on Yesterday at 01:51:03 PM »
Nolte: Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Is Another Fake News Disaster
E. Jean Carroll is photographed, Sunday, June 23, 2019, in New York. Carroll, a New York-based advice columnist, claims Donald Trump sexually assaulted her in a dressing room at a Manhattan department store in the mid-1990s. Trump denies knowing Carroll. (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)AP Photo/Craig Ruttle
JOHN NOLTE25 Jun 20192,037
The slow-motion trainwreck that has come to define Trump-accuser E. Jean Carroll’s publicity blitz has been painful to watch, one more example of our corrupt media — as a means to smear Trump —  psychologically abusing someone who is obviously unwell and unreliable.
Things finally came to a head on Monday night when Carroll slurred something so outrageous even CNN’s basement-rated Anderson Cooper was speechless.

“I think most people think of rape as being sexy – think of the fantasies,” she said.

Breitbart TV

Play Video

President Trump Signs Executive Order on Improving Healthcare Price and Quality Transparency

Rather than follow up on that insanity, a visibly and audibly rattled Cooper — his voice shaking and stumbling — responded with “Hmm, we’re, uh, gunna take a quick break.”

Untill now, the media’s worst act of exploitation in pursuit of Trump came last year when an obviously unstable and tormented Sam Nunberg (a low-level Trump campaign flunky) was sucked dry by vultures like Jake Tapper and Erin Burnett until his public meltdown made him useless to the anti-Trump cause.

Even after Burnett said she smelled alcohol on his breath, Nunberg was kept on the air for 45 minutes — a violation of journalistic ethics that would have been unthinkable prior to Trump winning the presidency.

The exploitation of Carroll is worse.

To begin with, her nearly 25-year-old accusation against Trump, her claim he raped her (although she now says it wasn’t rape, but a “fight”) at Bergdorf Goodman Department Store in Manhattan, is ludicrous.


In a department store?

In Manhattan?

Are you kidding me?

One scream and Trump’s entire life would have been over.

She claims the store was empty at the time and it all went down in a dressing room…


After five p.m.?

No employees around?

At Bergdorf’s?

But again, we’re supposed to believe Trump would risk everything: his reputation, his business, his freedom, his marriage (to Marla Maples), to rape a 52-year-old woman in a public place?

I’m sorry, none of this is credible…

Not to sound crude, but Trump owns all kinds of private places where it would be easy to lure a woman.

What’s more, Carroll says she still has the outfit she was wearing during the rape but refuses to offer it up for DNA testing.

If that isn’t ludicrous enough, when she was asked last week if she would press assault charges against Trump, she told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell that doing so would be “disrespectful to the women who are down on the border who are being raped around the clock down there without any protection.”

“The women have very little protection there,” she added. “It would just be disrespectful.” And then she rambled on about all the rapes all around the world and how her bringing charges against Trump “just doesn’t make sense to me.”

Well, that’s not an answer. It is, though, the most awkward pivot to a left-wing political talking point in the history of cable news.


 · Jun 21, 2019
Replying to @MSNBC
Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll alleges President Trump sexually assaulted her more than 20 years ago during an encounter in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room: "It became a fight. And it hurt. And it was against my will."

 Embedded video


.@Lawrence: "Would you consider bringing a rape charge against Donald Trump?"

E. Jean Carroll, who has accused the president of sexual assault: "No."

10:27 PM - Jun 21, 2019
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 Embedded video
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If you think that was awkward, watch O’Donnell’s reaction when Carroll says she wishes she had asked to see Trump’s tax returns just prior to the alleged assault.

 Embedded video

Stephanie Hamill

 E. Jean Carroll says she wishes she would have asked @realDonaldTrump for his TAX RETURNS when she allegedly met him at the Bergdorf Goodman department store in the mid 90's .


12:21 PM - Jun 22, 2019
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And again, I’m sorry, I know we’re not supposed to speak these truths anymore, but Carroll sounds like she’s drunk or high or suffering a stroke. Her words are slurred, her behavior is erratic, she can’t keep her thoughts on track… It is painful to watch but nowhere near as painful as what happened Monday…

Carroll appeared on CNN’s New Day, the least-watched show in all of cable news, and appeared to be even more scattered and confused. Watch as New Day co-hostess Alisyn Camerota attempts to keep Carroll on track, which included putting words in her mouth:

 Embedded video

New Day

 E. Jean Carroll alleges Donald Trump attacked her at a New York luxury department store in the late 1990s.

Trump has denied the allegations, saying, “I have no idea who this woman is.”

E. Jean Carroll joins Alisyn Camerota to tell her story. (Part 1)

8:23 AM - Jun 24, 2019
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In this interview, though, Carroll backs off her rape allegation.

“I don’t use the word [rape]. I have difficulty with the word. I see it as a fight.”

Camerota then spends an endless amount of time assuring Carroll she was raped and ends her tirade with, “You were legally raped. That’s what it was.”

Carroll just stares at Camerota as if to say, Okay, if you say so.

From there, the interview goes downhill at lightspeed when Carroll makes the laughable claim she’s not using Trump to sell her book and goes on to change her answer about why she won’t press charges: No longer is her refusal to press charges about “disrespecting” migrant rape victims, it is now about the statute of limitations — even though New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio assured Carroll the police will still investigate.

At this point, Camerota, who is pretty much interviewing herself, struggles with a Carroll who can only respond with more dazed confusion.

CAMEROTA: Now, today, what do you want to say to Donald Trump?.

CARROLL (stumbling): That terrifies me that you said that. That is — that is —

CAMEROTA: At the thought of confronting him?

CARROLL: No, I — you know, you just stunned me by saying that. It terrifies me, although I think I could — I think — yes.

CAMEROTA: You think that you could confront him now? I mean, what part scares you?

CARROLL: Well, will you go with me, Alisyn? Seriously. You know, listen, that is a — that is a terrible situation. Even a question just terrifies me. Look at me, I can hardly talk now that you said that.

CAMEROTA: What part? What part terrifies you?

CARROLL: Well, it puts — it reveals to me what I’m in the middle of doing, is what it does. That’s — you made it very clear what I’m in the midst of doing and —

CAMEROTA: And you thought when you included those 11 pages in the book that it wouldn’t get this amount of attention? Why?

CARROLL: He was only one of 21 hideous men, you know.

CAMEROTA: But it is the President of the United States. You didn’t know the onslaught that you would be in the middle of right now? I mean, you are talking about the President of the United States and you are accusing him of sexual assault.

Carroll also claims to have received death threats … before quickly backtracking.

“I put my life on the line,” she said.

“Hold on a second. You’ve gotten death threats?” asked an excited Camerota.

“I am not looking at death threats. I — the reason why I appear to be a happy woman is because I’m not reading this stuff. I am staying out of it,” Carroll said, walking her comment back.

“Have you been told you’ve gotten death threats? People who read this for you have told you that you’ve gotten death threats and that makes you feel…?” Camerota pressed.

Carroll responds with a non sequitur about being an archer: “Bah, I’m an archer. I have bows and arrows, you know. Fine — I think there’s just too — never mind, never mind.”

 Embedded video

New Day

 E. Jean Carroll alleges Donald Trump attacked her at a New York luxury department store in the late 1990s.

Trump has denied the allegations, saying, “I have no idea who this woman is.”

E. Jean Carroll joins Alisyn Camerota to tell her story. (Part 3)

8:30 AM - Jun 24, 2019
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All this sad and sordid news cycle has done is to prove once again just how fake our fake news media is, how our dreadful national media have violated every journalistic norm and standard in pursuit of their white whale.

Carroll has no evidence (well, she has the outfit but won’t allow it to be checked for evidence), no desire to press charges, her story keeps changing, she slurs, is scattered in her thinking, but because she is attacking Trump, no one in the media care one whit about her credibility or frail state of mind.

 Follow John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC. Follow his Facebook Page here.
Politics / Re: Luther "Too Live'Crew" Campbell has a point!
« Last post by Strike79 on Yesterday at 01:50:31 PM »
They may not vote for Trump, but they will sit on their hands. Me, I will hold my nose and vote to unseat the GOP/Satan, but I still think he has a point.
Boss^^^Uncle Luke MAY have a point, but this dude Trump’s CONTINUED presence in the Oval Office poses a REAL and CONTINUOUS existential threat to EVERY non-white and white female person in this country.

There are as of this moment about 23 mofos running for the Dem presidential nomination. For Luke to suggest there does NOT exist among that group of 23 a man or woman who merits our vote against Trump is stupid, foolish and irresponsible.

But to be honest, outside of Miami-Dade County, does anyone REALLY give a rat’s a.z.z WHAT Luther Campbell thinks?  :shrug:
Politics / Re: Did you know
« Last post by Que82 on Yesterday at 01:47:17 PM »

Hypocrisy at its best
Politics / Re: Trump accused of Rape by magazine writer
« Last post by Ken on Yesterday at 01:44:13 PM »
We are more concerned about Biden touching a women on the shoulder than Trump raping a women with creditable evidence.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Michael Jackson abused boys
« Last post by Neymar on Yesterday at 01:40:25 PM »

This man was sick.

Prince was always better than him.
While MJ might have been f'd up in the head by not having a childhood what tangible evidence do you have, that the police could not find, that he abused these kids????  Even the kid in you video did not give proof of abuse. :shrug:

The relationship on display here is abuse. You dont share your bed with a kid who isnt family as a grown man. That is abuse of a child's boundaries.
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