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Politics / Re: The gun that divides a nation
« Last post by Wildman78 on Yesterday at 02:41:34 PM »
Right of protest
See Y every one who has an ass has some chit in it
GOP lawmakers and far-right figures seize on Nashville shooting to push dangerous anti-trans rhetoric
Did they break any laws?
The more I watch Dawn Staley the more impressed I am with her.  She is really a class act.  When we selected her as our "Citizen of the Year" a couple of years ago, I assumed it was more of a PR stunt than anything but she won me over with her humility when accepting the award.
Politics / Re: The gun that divides a nation
« Last post by JAG89 on Yesterday at 02:32:32 PM »
The purpose of the movie 'Red Dawn' planted the seed in a lot folks heads on the reason why they should have the right to bear military type weapons.  Nowadays, if Russia had the capabilities to invade the U.S., which they don't, one would have to wonder which side a lot of these yahoos would be on.  People like tRump and his MAGGAT followers have more sympathy for autocrats like Putin than other Americans. Putin is now being put on display as being weak and incompetent by his failed invasion of a much smaller and weaker neighbor (Ukraine).  As a force projection nation, the only thing Russia has left are nukes, and we are not sure if Russia's nukes have the readiness capabilities. Americans don't need military style weapons to stop an invading nation. This country spends $700 billion to $800 billion annually on its military to do such, which is more than the military budget of next ten countries combined.  Politically, when it comes to gun control, the Republican Party's philosophy is way outdated. 'Red Dawn' was just a movie that appeared to have been way off base. Nowadays, the Republicans only argument is to keep America in the hands of its White population, which a great deal of White Americans are sympathetic to a weak and incompetent autocrat/Putin. The sequel to 'Red Dawn' was a box office flop, due to the fact that the United States no longer has an outside threat when it comes to conventional warfare. The sequel to 'Red Dawn' probably would have been more popular if it explored the idea 💡 of American citizens owning and possessing nuclear weapons, since Russia is still a nuclear threat. The  idea of allowing weak and incompetent people to freely own and possess nuclear weapons is extremely crazy, which is what the Republican Party has become.

So many lies.

Weak and incompetent people are too delusional to know the truth from a lie.  You need to stop watching movies like 'Red Dawn'.  They (off base movies) have made you and your people bat sh!t crazy.
Okay, and….  :shrug:
General Discussion Forum / Re: Harman Kardon Audio
« Last post by bluedog on Yesterday at 02:27:47 PM »
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The U.S. Marshals Service, which was dispatched to protect the homes of Supreme Court justices last year, was advised to refrain from arresting protesters "unless absolutely necessary," according to training documents obtained by the office of Sen. Katie Britt, R-Ala.
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