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Politics / Re: Bloomberg is getting his head bashed in.
« Last post by CU1994 on Today at 08:32:09 AM »
He just seemed woefully unprepared. He has no excuse for that. He is a media guy so he knows how to market. He definitely struggled when the rubber met the road.
He needs to take a long nap. I wonder if his dentures were loose., :shrug:

Trump repeatedly struggles to pronounce words during conspiracy-laden rally,
Politics / Re: Bloomberg is getting his head bashed in.
« Last post by bluedog on Today at 08:18:18 AM »
Mike Bloomberg at this moment....
When Harold Carmichael is enshrined as a member of the 15-person Centennial Slate for the Class of 2020 in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it will be a huge accomplishment for one of the game’s tallest wide receivers. Carmichael, at 6 feet, 8 inches, had size, length and speed, which made him one of the toughest assignments for NFL defensive backs.
:shrug: Did he swallow?

Note to self:  Never have a mouth full of coffee while reading TSU/BAMA's posts.

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A New Hampshire police chief stripped down to his underwear and walked into a snowstorm after being stripped of his duties at a local board meeting Tuesday night.

Richard Lee was the police chief for nearly 20 years until a three-member selectboard voted to rely solely on coverage from the New Hampshire State Police during the meeting. He worked part-time as the only member of the department -- which covers the town of Croydon's roughly 700 residents.

He was told to immediately turn in his guns and uniform as well as the keys to his police cruiser, so Lee took off his gear before the board chairman.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Before Uber there was Jitney
« Last post by soflorattler on Today at 04:53:42 AM »
They were called Gypsy cabs in NYC when I lived there. Black Pearl had that market covered in Brooklyn.

Still were, when I was last there in 2016. No meter, no receipts, just cash and carry. The difference between NY gypsy cabs and So. FL's jitneys is, the cabs are usually clean and not smelly, as with the jitneys you're crowded in with a bunch of people some who don't shower.
Broke living hand to mouth, doing everything you can to capitalize off of your negative notoriety. :no:
In These States, College Students Say Republicans Have Made It Harder for Them to Vote
Politics / Re: Bloomberg is getting his head bashed in.
« Last post by bluedog on Today at 04:15:23 AM »
Biden's responses just seem a tad bit arrogant to me.  I wonder how it is resonating with young people????
He's old, that's just mustered up energy.
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