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Fayetteville State students have come up with an idea that's "out of this world."

Fayetteville State University is one of the top 10 universities with an innovation idea accepted by NASA.

The project is called "Molecular Sequencing and Biocontainment identification". It builds on an existing NASA patent combined with skilled researched led by FSU innovators, students and their professor Dr. Daryush ILA.

Current and future NASA missions count on the recycling of wastewater into potable water. The proposed system will allow for the rapid and efficient testing of water for the most common pathogens.

When life is found on other planets, a simple modification of the system will allow for testing of the presence of extraterrestrial life forms in potable and non-potable water.

But the system isn't just for space.

The commercial applications of this system are widespread. In the food industry, the early detection of pathogens in the food supply might save lives and money. In health care, infectious diseases could be rapidly identified.
Regardless of what the station does, his career is toast.

I doubt it.
Sports Forum / Re: 2020 Football: NC A&T vs ND State
« Last post by y04185 on Yesterday at 06:04:53 AM »

this is a big friggin' deal!!  but nope, i ain't personally trying to go all the way to doggone north dakota.  its "cold" in dem parts even though the game will be played indoors.  besides, ain't much to do in north dakota other than football. 

i'll either watch it on tv or over the internet...

A real Aggie would go to North Dakota.  Imitation Aggies make excuses.

you got some nerve trying to tell me what a "real aggie" is as if you're a long time aggie yourself.  hey, how 'bout this?  how 'bout you worry about your alma mater and don't worry about mine?

take your azzz to north dakota if you're so admired by ndsu...  ::)

Knee grow please.  You're just another fair weather Aggie.  Take your butt to Homecoming and scam for free tickets. 

:nono2: that's a "foolish" comment you made because you know absolutely "nothing" at all about me.  yes, you made a very "ignorant" statement.  not only do i renew not 1, but "2" a&t football season tickets "every year", but i'm also an aggie athletic foundation donor.  no need for me to "scam for free tickets" partna, cuz i purchase 2 season tickets "every year".

again, you're only showing your outright "ignorance" when you make statements about folks you don't even know.  so again, i encourage you to worry about your own alma mater (if you really have one) and stop worrying about mine...  ::)

As if I'm to take your word. Keep dreaming.  I'm sure someone will let you have a ticket.

you ain't got to take my word cuz i don't give a "f" if you do or don't, i ain't got to prove "jack" to you.  i could care less whether you believe me or not cuz yo azzz is totally "meaningless" to me.  matter fact, i don't even know why i'm wasting my sweet precious time fooling round with someone as "ignorant" as you.

so i'm out!  carry on without me, dude...  :crazy:

btw, you do realize that fsu has "never ever" in the entire history of hbcu football beaten a&t in football, correct?  i mean, even dating all the way back when a&t was in the ciaa, a&t kicked fsu's azzz every single time!  yet, you wanna tell me what a "real aggie" is?  hilarious!!  :lmao:

Knee grow please.  We didn't join the CIAA till 1954.  You guys quit in 1970.  I know a real Aggie when I see one.  Five great aunts graduated from A&T.  A real Aggie would go to North Dakota and not complain about the weather.  Especially with the game being played indoors.  You're just an AINO. 

BTW, when you win 44 basketball games in one season give a holla.
Hundreds of Central Americans arrested for tunneling under border barrier, Border Patrol says
Regardless of what the station does, his career is toast.
CNN)For the second time in less than two weeks, a local television newsperson has used a racial slur while talking about the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Around 5:30 a.m. on Thursday, news anchor Kevin Steincross of CNN affiliate KTVI in St. Louis was on the air and said a tribute at St. Louis University would honor "Martin Luther coon Jr.," the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.
Around 9 a.m., Steincross went on the air to apologize.

"We have heard from a viewer about a mistake I made in our 5 a.m. newscast," he said in the apology. "In our story about the tribute to Dr. King, I unfortunately mispronounced his name. Please know I have total respect for Dr. King, what he meant and continues to mean to our country. This was not intentional in any way, and I sincerely apologize."

A representative for station owner Tribune Broadcasting said Steincross made an unfortunate mistake and the station will not take disciplinary measures against him, according to the Post-Dispatch.

"The Fox2 management team spoke to Kevin following the mistake and we believe that it was truly inadvertent and does not reflect Kevin's core beliefs," a Tribune spokesperson said a written statement. "Kevin is extremely upset by the mistake and regrets it deeply."
The St. Louis chapter of the NAACP tweeted Thursday that Steincross needs to lose his job.

The incident was "deplorable and should not be tolerated! The Anchor needs to resign," the tweet said.
Buzzfeed make monkeys out of CNN & MSNBC.  :nod:
Politics / Mueller’s office denies BuzzFeed report that Trump told Cohen to lie
« Last post by Wildman78 on January 18, 2019, 11:41:56 PM »
Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s office on Friday denied an explosive report by BuzzFeed News that his investigators had gathered evidence showing President Trump directed his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress about a prospective business deal in Moscow.

BuzzFeed’s description of specific statements to the special counsel’s office, and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office, regarding Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony are not accurate,” said Peter Carr, a spokesman for Mueller.

The statement was remarkable on several levels — first, the special counsel’s office speaks exceedingly rarely, and second, the statement seemed to drive a stake through a sensational allegation that Democratic lawmakers suggested earlier in the day could spell the end of the Trump presidency. As earthshaking as the claims in the story were, no other media organizations were able to match them.
Sports Forum / Re: Nick Saban - come on man!!!!
« Last post by TheBlackPanther on January 18, 2019, 11:24:43 PM »
Some of y’all tripping. Bama doesn’t need to go apeshit and play the hardest non conference schedule as that grind in the SEC West is a mother. Granted, those are four cake wins and I got no problems with it and for the record, I can’t stand Bama!
other than LSU (sometimes) and Auburn (some years) the west is NOT a grind.

Honestly, Arkansas is the only team in the west that’s trash. The rest are very much legit competition compared to what most other schools have to face as their in conference schedule.
???^^^soflo, your post is somewhat oblique. What is this “simple solution” that you referenced?

Break it down for us, Big homie.   ;)

Strike, when Mose led the Hebrew Israelites out of Eygpt (Cush), they bought with their habits of worshipping the gods that Cushites worship which was against the wishes of Yah (God) who delivered them. They were also his chosen people and wanted them to honor Him only. They didn't. First as proof of punishment,  He let them wander in the wilderness for forty years. Then allowed them to occupy the promised land, but they brought back worshipping false gods. Therefore Yah decreed that they would not only be servant of mankind, but scattered to the 4 corners of the earth. In steps the Arab slave trade, then the European slave trade. All this has been punishment until this day. Until we as a people abandon our wicked ways, and turn back to the Creator, we will continue be punished as a people. Yes, some/few do well, but not on a wholesale basis. Even those that do are still treated like 2nd class citizens. Read the book "Hebrews to Negroes". It's all laid out in there.
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