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So "Y"  can speak for himself.
In addition, the state provides three weeks of in-person early voting and voting by mail for anyone who requests a ballot.
I have voted by mail and my vote is cast weeks before the polls open.  Maybe, we need to let people vote by computers at home or looking for ways to have mobile polling stations to serve these areas where the need is the greatest.  I feel the lack of polling stations will more likely have an impact on elderly voters. I feel others have no excuse because as one poster stated I would be more determined than ever to vote if I felt that we were trying to prevent me from voting.
Politics / Re: Orlando Jones fired from American Gods.
« Last post by Bison 4 Life on Today at 10:41:39 AM »
Glad Felix spoke up about Nike bullcrap.
Sports Forum / Re: Heisman winner?
« Last post by Bison 4 Life on Today at 10:38:37 AM »
We'll never see a Charles Woodson win a Heisman. The  world is more often focused, thus the other awards like Buckus, etc.
Sports Forum / Re: Heisman winner?
« Last post by AntonioM229 on Today at 10:31:21 AM »
Just as I predicted.
What's the big deal? He is the best quarterback in the nation! He has the highest completion percentage in NCAA history and he led the country in touchdowns passes.
???............Guys, I’m confused.  I thought the Heisman was awarded to the best college football “player” in the country not the best quarterback and/or offensive player.   :shrug:

Please explain.
He is the best player in the nation. The Heisman has always been an offensive player award. Most running backs & quarterbacks win that award. Charles Woodson was the first & last defensive player to win that award and Charles played offense on his team that year, too.

Juggling motherhood and a pro career is challenging enough on the body, but it’s also come with a financial penalty for many athlete moms. Now, these women are out to change that.
Addendum to last post^^^.,,,,

There is a thread in the “Discussion” forum with a link that explains what this is all about. It also informs that ESPN broadcast a “segment” of the game. But I still don’t know what that is all about.

Btw, no one is concerned with that dude in the White House appearing at the game wearing a red MAGA-like cap that read “Keep America Great”?  That’s a BLATANTLY political gesture worn at a game that ostensibly represents the “best” this country has to offer in young men and women. Dude participated in the coin toss so the message on that cap was visible to everyone in the stadium and those watching the tv broadcast.
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