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Hint.... Bernie ain't one of 'em.


Overall, 42 percent of the 1,923 total former bundlers for Clinton and Obama — a group tracked by the Center for Responsive Politics — have given at least one donation to a candidate this cycle. Harris, who had the most support from this group of any candidate during the first quarter, collected donations from 70 new major donors during the second quarter for a total of 246.

And Buttigieg, the previously little-known mayor who has caught fire with big-money supporters, brought in donations from 224 of the fundraisers — helping him raise $24.9 million last quarter, the most of any Democratic contender.

There’s also overlap among the candidates giving to Biden, Buttigieg and Harris: 129 of the fundraisers gave money to at least two of the three, and 21 donated to all three of them.

After this top tier of candidates, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is the Democrat who received donations from the most bundlers. Booker has raised money from 152 fundraisers so far during this election cycle. While 39 of the bundlers donated to Warren, seven have given to Sanders’ campaign so far.


Politics / Re: Donald Trump Resurrects Lie That China Is Paying His Tariffs
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Much of what Cats described is WELL UNDERWAY!!!

In Africa, Asia, (altho they are skeptical), the Americas, including right here in Panama!!

Dumbass #ErraticTrump EMPOWERED CHINA by scuttling the Asian trade deal (TPP) primarily because it was something Obama had worked on.  That left those Asian nations with no BIG DOG to help them resist China's overtures.

#Loser45 cut America's nose to spite Obama's face!!


It still a good thing.

It's a "first step" with limited impact, BUT - if you notice - I did not criticize it.

I'll try to be more clear in the future, but I thought most folks would understand how I roll.  No harm, no foul.

Gimmick?!  The man had the job for 10 years, and would have kept it if not for that remark. Rose still has the golden throat, but...………………

The games were definitely more fun with Bdaht!  He even clowned me real good during the HC parade last year while broadcasting.  Good move.
He definitely killed us!!!!!  Along with some stupidity...…………..
I must add this  anecdote.  Friday a week ago, a group of Aggie Upward Bound students were touring WSSU. When we had a chance to interact with them, even THEY knew that we are supposed to playing and THEY TALKED TRASH!  I love it!

Because they are children I refrained from connecting their shirts to the argument. 
They shirts are "appropriately" designed where "Aggies" is on their @$$es!   ;D
While I'm not sleeping on Bowie, it seems every pre-season poll is based off where teams finished the year before.  I will add that this year Union is ranked. So...………...
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