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2019 SiAC Predictions / Re: Week #12 - November 16, 2019
« Last post by dragon601713 on Yesterday at 09:28:38 PM »
Albany State
2019 SiAC Predictions / Re: Week 11 Results
« Last post by dragon601713 on Yesterday at 09:27:41 PM »
Sports Forum / Re: JSU.vs AAMU Pics (Football & Volleyball)
« Last post by DRUMMA1 on Yesterday at 09:27:17 PM »
As usual, JSU had more fans. :)
Sports Forum / Re: Coach of the Year
« Last post by wsm on Yesterday at 09:25:06 PM »
Now I 'ain trying to be starting something, but I thought ineligible means you're not eligible to be considered for anything football related this year. Including Coach of the Year. Correct me if I'm wrong somebody.

I understand what you are saying but if true then why were SSU athletes selected for player of the week honors throughout the season if they are not eligible to earn post season awards.

I thought the MEAC office was a piece of cake but those clowns in the SIAC office are really jacked up :brickwall:
Politics / Re: 100 Thousand Cheer Trump At Alabama vs. LSU Game
« Last post by cee dog on Yesterday at 09:02:25 PM »
Old coon never lets us down .
I agree. The president of the United States of America should be labeled as a hate group. He has said worse things.

Has this group been charged with an actual hate crime?

Telling folk about the REAL skin color of the people written about in the Bible shouldn’t be classified as a hate group.  Calling white folk devils shouldn’t be classified as a hate group, especially when you have history to point to.
Sports Forum / Re: FSU v BSU CIAA Football (I can lose, but won’t)
« Last post by FSUHALL on Yesterday at 08:59:40 PM »
Maroon & GrEy,

I started FSU in 86’ and graduated in 90’.  4 years sir.  And as an OFFENSIVE LINEMAN there were pancakes involved but I was administering them.  I still have the videos anytime you want me to substantiate my words.
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