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General Discussion Forum / Giving Tuesday Campaigns at HBCUs
« Last post by klg14 on Today at 07:08:30 PM »
Tuesday, December 3, 2019 is fast approaching...

Bennett College
Do anyone go to The Big South tournament men’s and women’s basketball championships?
General Discussion Forum / Re: A love poem
« Last post by TSU/BAMA on Today at 06:57:10 PM »
  :lol:^^^that did it for you, I guess, Ms. j.   :lol:

Naaah, homeboy went ALL IN with that recitation. And who says black men aren’t passionate about love?  :shrug:

Good job, bruh.  :clap:

Yes good job. But, I just hope that is not a sign of a control freak. But anyway..........
Yes...people have problems regardless of sexuality or orientation. Them being a same sex couple had no direct bearing on the tragic outcome.
The legendary hip-hop star lends his voice to Hennessy to champion diversity and empower Black students through the Hennessy Fellows program.

Hennessy Fellows Program
Was it a gay thing? I didn't read the article

Yeah. Same sex couple and it was a domestic violence issue. Murder - suicide.

So gay couples have the same problems as straight couples???? Hmmmmmmm!!! Interesting.
General Discussion Forum / Re: A love poem
« Last post by j1908 on Today at 06:47:57 PM »
^^^^^ :lol: All I'm going to say The Brother did That!!!!
:shrug: Always with the name calling.  :no: name calling adds no substance to your argument, it just makes you look bad.

Several witnesses have testified that Trump conditioned the delivery of military aid already appropriated by Congress on Ukrainian President Zelensky conducting and announcing an investigation of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

Does it really matter whether its called bribery, extortion or quid pro quo?  :no:

Amazed that very few Repubs even want to come close to answering the question about trumps lawlessness and obvious blatent disregard for rules and laws. It’s a rather simple question and it’s clear that he extorted Ukraine to investigate the Bidens? Any wonder why his requested extortion was only focused on the Bidens? Is he not worried about his very own family’s benefitting from his term in office? Why hasn’t he launched an investigative query into Kushner, Ivanka, trump jr and his personal financial gains from the many trips to Mir A Lago?
General Discussion Forum / Re: Teacher/student fight in Maryland
« Last post by y04185 on Today at 06:19:09 PM »
These poor teachers have no support and it doesn't look like a teachers union offers much of any either.

Yeah, they can have ALL of that with that wack-a$$ LOW pay.

Conservative politicians have done an effective job of demonizing educators.

That's a damn lie.  You should explain why your district is such a sh!thole.
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