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Politics / Re: China just bitchslapped Trump
« Last post by klg14 on Today at 07:03:20 PM »
He got bitchslapped with trickeration....

 :lol: :lmao:
Politics / Re: Israel bars Democratic congresswomen from entering country
« Last post by Que82 on Today at 07:01:17 PM »
Judism is passed down by the mother, Islam is passed down by the father.

 :nod: :nod: :nod:
Okay you are agreeing with this but in your previous post did you not indicate your mother was not Jewish?????

"If your mother is Jewish, then that is your right by birth. My mom is not, and I do not subscribe to their beliefs, so I am not Jewish at all."

You say you are not Jewish and you were a bootleg Muslim. You all over the place.  I can't understand how you feel you have the right to question Senator Harris' ethnicity.


Judaism is passed by mother
Islam by father

My mom is not jewish, thus I am not jewish.

Its pretty clear
Clear as mud.  What I'm not understanding is you said your mother is not Jewish and I have to assume your father "the Muslim" is not Jewish. So how do you have Jewish cousins???? Your lineage as you have described it on here is confusing. :shrug:

My mom is not Jewish. What isnt clear about that?

You(and the VAST majority of African Americans) have white cousins. That doesnt make you white.  I have cousins who are Jewish, that doesnt make me Jewish.
Just because something is simple in your head does not make it simple when your explanation is clear.  :shrug: Let me put it this way, are these cousins from your mother's side of the family or your father's?

Its pretty simple sir. So simple in fact that the rules were mad up thousands of years ago.
If your mom is jewish, you are jewish. If shes not, then you are not.

Its quite efficient.
My question was "are these cousins from your mother's side of the family or your father's?"  That question was quite simple and efficient and you efficiently avoided answering it just like you avoided when I asked you who you voted for, for president. You would think that someone who is smart enough to make 80K+ a year should be smart enough to answer a simple question. :shrug:

I'm going to judge our President on policy, and not politics.

What should be a simple question for you is complicated by the fact that #Loser45 changes policy positions on the regular, but I'll ask anyway...

So, what is your judgment?

Well bwiregrass????

Sports Forum / Re: 2019 NBA trades and trade rumors
« Last post by bluedog on Today at 06:47:51 PM »
Dwight Howard's deal with the Lakers will be non-guaranteed, league source tells ESPN. Howard had several meetings with Lakers officials, and they'll give him a chance to show he's made changes in how he conducts himself. Lakers players were involved in process.
Howard came to meet Lakers after dropping 25 pounds; showed his back was healthy. Lakers want him to protect rim/rebound in limited role. There was sense Howard realized he hit "rock bottom" and had been humbled. Still they'll judge him on actions, not words. He's been warned.
Politics / Re: 78°Billionaire conservative icon David Koch dies at 79
« Last post by Que82 on Today at 06:46:24 PM »
Mama ‘87 always said “if you ain’t got nothing good to say....”
^^^this  :tiptoe:
General Discussion Forum / Montgomery planning $40 million water park
« Last post by klg14 on Today at 06:40:59 PM »
An artist's conception shows the $40 million water park planned for Montgomery.
The Voisin brothers, l-r wide receiver Devin Voisin (19), safety Keon Voisin (29) and safety Jaden Voisin (26) are pictured after a South Alabama football practice Wednesday, August 21, 2019, at the Yance Practice Facility on campus in Mobile, Ala.
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