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How about why did the owner ask the fans for their thoughts? Did he ask their thoughts about who should be the first round draft pick? What about signing Donte Stallworth? Ray Lewis?

Stop it.

No.  You stop it.  What do you know about the owner of the Ravens?  At the time, the injury to Flacco was uncertain in scope.  All he did was address a question honestly to a group of PSL holders, when I suppose instead he should have just used the sort of stock, meaningless, canned responses you get from most in sports.  The man opens his heart and gets ****'ed by bull**** politics and people who have absolutely no idea of our teams situation. 

You really think Colin Kaepernick is gonna save the freakin' world, or maybe he was just seeking attention after his star had fallen.  Either way, he chose to inflict his protest on a football team in a manner that was guaranteed to be a distraction.  Only then did he start donating his money, as many do to make up for mistakes made.  If he truly believed that his protest was effective, then why would he promise not to do it anymore if someone let him work again.  What kind of hero is that?   
Dude this issue is bigger than the sorry a**  ravens. ::).
I think I remember saying that Cohen had what it takes for the next level even though he is small. :shrug:
Politics / Re: The President Trump bashing is getting old.
« Last post by CU1994 on Today at 10:54:28 AM »
Did the Obama bashing get old :shrug:

When did CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, HLN, CNBC, The Huffington Post , The Washington Post, The New York Times and Fox News bash Obama ?

Surely you jest. Your president is a compulsive liar, a white supremacist, unhinged, has admitted to sexual assault, has a fascination with Russia, and is an all around ugly a**  hole. Obama on the other hand whether you like his politics or not, was none of those things.

Even though Obama wasn't a buffoon like your president, you people and your president still criticized him for wearing a tan suit, spread racist birther lies, questioned his Patriotism, questioned his religious beliefs and on and on. Now your black a**  wants to give the white clown a pass. Sad indeed.  :no:
General Discussion Forum / Re: R.I.P to Dick Gregory
« Last post by y04185 on Today at 10:50:50 AM »
May he Rest in Peace.

I saw him in person in the early 80s. Everything he said was true. Especially the classified stuff.
General Discussion Forum / Re: R.I.P to Dick Gregory
« Last post by j1908 on Today at 10:23:25 AM »
He had no hidden agenda 😇😇
I've notice A&T Cohen is doing great at the opportunity to showcase his skills with an avg of 6.8 yds on 17 carries for 116 totals yards. While SU Tilllery has had only 4 carries in the 4th quarter of the rams first game late in the 4th quarter  for -6 yds.
Politics / Re: Dear white People
« Last post by Golden Kitten on Today at 10:18:09 AM »
Politics / Re: The President Trump bashing is getting old.
« Last post by Golden Kitten on Today at 10:05:38 AM »
How 'bout that CU... :laugh:

45 being a jack@zz has gotten old...that is what he should be concerned about. :nod:
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