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 ::)  Bet he knows and understands the law NOW!

Smith owned an AR-15 rifle and a .22-caliber rifle which Broward deputies seized after his arrest in March 2018 on charges of firing six shots at a vehicle being driven by his best friend, according to reports.

Smith is facing trial on an attempted murder charge in connection with that incident. He was accused of firing at his friend with a Glock handgun that deputies also took, according to reports.

Florida’s "red flag" law allows authorities to obtain a court order to confiscate weapons from people who pose a danger to themselves and others. Florida is one of 15 states with such laws.

Ok...they died because they fired guns at cops and were killed in the exchange.  Sound better?

Sounds more accurate to me!
Now, if the policeman/woman went for their gun on this  individuals. I would actually be satisfied.  ;D

 >:( honestly, so would I!!!   :dedhorse:

Why would someone go to him to have a baby and then take him to court for child support?

 :no: It's not one big happy family for the Sperminator. Five women have successfully sued Ari Nagel for child support.

 :tongue2: thats some bullchit right there and sets a bad precedence.  Dudes who may be willing to be sperm donors better think twice if the courts are going to roll this way. I wouldn't do it!!!
You are a lie. That is why senator tim scott withheld his vote.

You always believe the lie. 

Wildman, he's Jamaican.  He's not going to call himself African-American.  Butterfield should know that.  Since he doesn't, it's time for him to go.

It's been time for you to go too.
 ::)  how did I know before clicking that it is one of yall's cuzzins.

Just because you can reproduce does not mean that you should.

But I digress...poor child.
Clearly there is more than one road to success!

I mean it’s not like us Panther fans aren’t used to our team losing.  :shrug:

Aint this the truth :( :no: >:(
FAMU grads lip stick brand was rejected on "Shark Tank", now its available in Target stores

FAMU graduate Melissa Butler was frustrated with the chemical-laden options she kept finding at beauty counters, so she started making her own natural lipsticks in her kitchen.  Eight years later, what started out in frustration as grown into an upstart national brand --- The Lip Bar, a full line of vegan beauty products for women available through more than 450 Target Stores nationwide, and a brick-and-mortar store in her hometown of Detroit.

Butler's route to beauty industry CEO was anything but typical.  After earning a bachelor’s in finance from FAMU, she spent four years working on Wall Street as an analyst for Barclays before taking the leap into the beauty industry.

Her journey from stocks and bonds to beauty is one that she describes as natural, not because she loved makeup, but because she identified a problem and created a solution. She hated traditional beauty brands and their linear approach of beauty and excessive amounts of chemicals.  It was her belief in health and inclusion that lead her to make lipstick in her kitchen and develop the vegan line, The Lip Bar. Her goal is to empower women everywhere of all ages, races and body types to be confident in their own skin and remember that they are enough!

Turned down by investors on the “Shark Tank” TV-Show, Butler used the experience as a marking tool.  Two weeks after her appearance on the show she saw an uptick in over 120,00 hits on her website. The increase in their brand presence also lead fashion sites such as Nasty Gal and Forever 21 to come knocking on her door.

"Shark Tank taught me a lot; it taught me that I was stronger than I thought and to focus on my North Star," Butler said.  "It taught me to be open to failure and receiving advice.  Be open to learning. But also, be confident in your ability to move the ship in the right direction.  If you are confident, those moments of resistance will eat you alive."

"So, I used Shark Tank for marketing," she added.

Earlier this month, the Lip Bar introduced five new products and none of them were lipsticks.
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