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Trump tried to make the kneeling by the players his Willie Horton in my opinion (thread).  The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico may become his Hurricane Katrina.
With the current trend in athletics money games are extremely necessary. The issue should be what can FCS schools do to better prepare their athletes for these games.
Sports Forum / Re: Bison Overthrow Wildcats in Fourth Quarter Effort
« Last post by BisonBlu on Today at 02:10:09 AM »
I was surprised that BCU wasn't more dominant with what was said to be an experienced team with a number of FBS transfers. 
Sports Forum / Re: GAME NOTES: NCCU vs SCSU ESPNU 9/21/17
« Last post by eagle pride on Today at 01:01:45 AM »
From what I could tell on TV, the crowd loved the deejay, and it kept them into the game. I did think it was a bit much ONLY because the band didn't get to play very much in the stands...if at all. BUT, they hardly ever play in the stands anyway. I dunno why OUR bands can't seem to master playing IN BETWEEN plays. PWC bands do it on TV pretty well and Bethune-Cookman has it down pat.

As for the game. The good news is that we had less penalties (11) vs SC State than we had vs Shaw (16). But that is still waaaaayyy too many. We had something like 105 yds in penalties. That is RIDICULOUS! On a positive note, though they were bone-headed flags, at least they were aggressive penalties as opposed to pre-snap penalties (offsides, illegal motion, too many on the field, etc) which can be avoided. And, although I hate to see a kid injured, we seem to have found our QB.

Our bands really don't get it.  What happened to our fight song? :shrug:  They might play it once but just play the ending after touch-downs? :shrug:  The dj was hyped, but overkill.  We had some exciting plays that also made the game hyped.  I just don't see how a lot of booty shaken in the stands to loud music is cheering on our team.  Heck, SCSU players were jamming too. 
“Hysteria is starting to spread”: Puerto Rico is devastated in the wake of Hurricane Maria
No power, little access to water, dwindling food: the situation in Puerto Rico right now.
Updated by Brian Resnick  Sep 25, 2017, 5:06pm EDT

Five days after Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico, bisecting the entire island, the US territory is in the grips of a serious, life-threatening crisis, with humanitarian aid getting in far more slowly than is needed.

The island is running short on food, fuel, and access to clean water and there’s limited communications, which means some communities have received no information about the rescue efforts underway.

Among the greatest threats is the continuing lack of power throughout much of the island, after nearly the entire power grid was knocked offline during the storm (about 80 percent of the transmission infrastructure was destroyed). The New York Times reports it could be four to six months before power is restored on the island. That’s half a year with Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million residents relying on generators, half a year without air conditioning in the tropical climate, half a year where electric pumps can’t bring running water into homes, half a year where even the most basic tasks of modern life are made difficult.

“The devastation is vast,” Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello said in a statement Monday. “Make no mistake — this is a humanitarian disaster involving 3.4 million U.S. citizens.”

Sports Forum / Re: Bison Overthrow Wildcats in Fourth Quarter Effort
« Last post by BIG GRAY on Yesterday at 11:52:41 PM »
Does anyone know why there band didn't travel. Is this the new norm.  I do remember a few years ago they traveled to Morgan. I was looking forward to hear them.

Speaking with the president of Cookman Alumni Chapter, she stated it cost too much to bring the PRIDE just like it cost too much to bring the 100. I knew the PRIDE wasn't coming because of the cost of bringing a 300+ band from Daytona to DC. The last time the PRIDE was at Howard was in '04 I believe and they came to Morgan back in 2012 or 2014. I was at that game and I was freezing my butt off. The PRIDE does travel to Hampton because their band director used to be the high school band director in the Hampton area. He has an affinity for the Tidewater area.

that's all...

He is from the Tidewater area even though he went to BCU.

Thanks.  Definitely clears that up. But with the size and sound of that band. It does make a huge difference in supporting BCU's team.  Hopefully NCCU doesn't travel with a band either.

 Yes, the NCCU Band, Cheerleaders, Mascot and Flags will be at HU on October 7th.   See you there...
Sports Forum / Re: HBCU Computer Rankings 09/24/2017
« Last post by AimHigh on Yesterday at 11:47:42 PM »
I assume the SIAC and the CIAA aren't eligible for this list because I believe that Bowie State, Tuskegee, Virginia State and Winston Salem State could beat some of these teams.

Bowie State should be in the top 10. VSU and WSSU would not beat anyone on there.
Sports Forum / Re: HBCU Computer Rankings 09/24/2017
« Last post by mrknowitall on Yesterday at 11:20:51 PM »
Thanks for that info.
Sports Forum / Re: A HBCU Football Special airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on HBO.
« Last post by JBTheEagle on Yesterday at 11:09:20 PM »
Smh. Why do these same stories get recycled every few years?

Injuries can happen in any game. There will be mismatches in EVERY game. The big 400 lb d-lineman from SC State could've flattened NCCU's 185 lb RB last week. Conference obligations aside, do we avoid SC State because they have bigger guys than us at some positions? Of course not. If you don't want your school being slaughtered in money games put the $ up or STFU. Everybody wants to bring up issues with no solutions. If we have a major issue with money game slaughters, which most of us do, then we must bring the solution to the table, the $.

I hate how they're using Devon Gales as a poster child for this. You can't tell me those SU guys weren't looking forward to competing against UGA. Even if they knew they were gonna take an L. Unfortunately, a catastrophic injury happened. Like I said, injuries happen.

I've spoken with FBS ADs who had to play money games, it was their lifeblood just like ours. Eliminate these games and a lot of smaller FBS programs and FCS programs won't be D1 anymore.
Politics / Re: Why is 45 able to call players mothers "bitc*es?
« Last post by Optimusprime on Yesterday at 11:03:20 PM »
Btw, where are all the peeps on this board who advocated against a rush to judgment, and to give this creep the benefit of the doubt and all that?

Have you NOW seen and heard enough?

Those were the sentiments of some - not all, thank God - of my wife's family during their annual Christmas shindig.  Being the only darker hued American at their annual party, and one who brought up 45's lack of integrity and Christian ethics - the same character traits that if any one of their spouses exhibited, they would put the bums out.  But now, its their great white hope that is so "unfit for POTUS and so "not Obama" and they look the other way, laugh at the "lib'rul media" and give him a pass even if he farted on the Bible.  One of the clan said then:  We (you, Optimusprme) should give him a chance - he'll be presidential after he takes the oath. 

I heard enough BEFORE he won the election via the electoral college.  My benefit of the doubt was GONE by the time of Spicer's first press briefing.  It was really gone when he accused President Obama of 'wiretapping' him.  It is irreversible after Charlottesville, and anyone's defense of him and his tweets get an immediage iggy from me.  Nothing you can say if #45 is your example of a man respecting America, and that person's character is very suspect to me that I make them persona non-grata in my presence.
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