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2019 SiAC Predictions / Re: Week #5 - September 28, 2019
« Last post by Que82 on Today at 01:42:46 PM »
Albany ST University vs Clark Atlanta University
2:00 PM EDT
Atlanta, GA

Savannah ST University vs Morehouse College
2:00 PM EDT
Atlanta, GA

Fort Valley ST University vs Benedict College :shrug:
3:00 PM EDT
Greenville, SC
Upstate HBCU Classic

KY State University vs Jackson ST University
3:00 PM EDT
Indianapolis, IN - Lucas Oil Stadium
36th Circle City Classic

Central ST University vs Alabama A&M University
6:00 PM CDT
Mobile, AL - Ladd Peeples Stadium
Gulf Coast Challenge

Lane College vs Miles College
6:00 PM CDT
Fairfield, AL

Tuskegee University vs University of West AL
6:00 PM CDT
Livingston, AL
« Last post by CU1994 on Today at 01:39:36 PM »
Funny you all are talking about the funny business at FAMU. I m flipping in between games and Jay Walker  was talking about the scoreboard going out in the 4th quarter when he played and the time being kept on the field. He said it was the fastest 4th quarter ever.  :lol:
???......uhhh, WHAT “funny business,” homie? When Bragg is packed to OVER capacity as it was tonite, mofos better be ready to ball.

The ghosts of Jake Gaither, Bob Hayes and all the other greats are unleashed, and it’s just that ole Rattler magic that comes into play.

That’s wassup CU.  ;D

Hey Big Homie, the streets are all talking and I’m just repeating what I’m hearing.  :lol:
2019 SiAC Predictions / Re: Week #5 - September 28, 2019
« Last post by SSUTigerFan on Today at 01:30:32 PM »

Albany ST

Savannah State University

Fort Valley ST University

Jackson ST University

 Alabama A&M University

 Miles College

 University West Ala.

Sports Forum / Re: Albany State whips #15 West Georgia 26-14
« Last post by ‘87 Alum on Today at 01:11:04 PM »
Congrats on the dub Albany.
Sports Forum / Re: Albany State whips #15 West Georgia 26-14
« Last post by BlazerDawg on Today at 01:04:27 PM »
Good win ASU, I know the Gulf South faithful about to lose their religion right now..... This is why we call it competitive sports,,,,,Any Given Saturday.....SIAC had two wins against the Gulf..... tissue anyone 😘

I hope that it encourages ASU to keep scheduling GSC games. 
Sports Forum / Re: NCCU Wins Close One
« Last post by A&T AGGIE 96 on Today at 12:56:31 PM »
Like I said,...


What ever happen to the days where you call the parents and have them come and take their troubled child back home with them?  Parents will fix the problem if they have to keep coming to the school.
General Discussion Forum / Re: DAVID MAKES MAN
« Last post by Capler on Today at 12:36:11 PM »
I been on this show from the minute it premiered!  I've even been trying to get my friends to watch, but they slackin'.  This show is SOOOOOO good, but I've heard that one of the reasons OWN programming doesn't get more recognition is because the network doesn't have an established lobby.  From what I've been told, other networks (ahem, HBO, Netflix, NBC) have ENTIRE OFFICES DEDICATED to getting academy recognition for their shows and OWN doesn't.  I think that's how Oprah SHOULD be using her power, but :shrug:

I think that was the major issue MoNique had with Lee Daniels. He wanted her to 'campaign' for the movie to strengthen it's award positioning. Hopefully as Oprah becomes more established in the business, she will play the game as well. 
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