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Damn. Black men will marry any bad-built white woman.

 :tiptoe: :tiptoe:

You done tracked down his cup of vanilla on Facebook.   :no: I agree with you, some silly ninjas will mess with anything that doesn’t have melanin. Those dudes love scraping the bottom of barrel.  :tiptoe:
Sports Forum / Re: MEAC Basketball: February 17th
« Last post by JBROB on Today at 12:35:12 AM »
Savannah State         10-2
North Carolina A&T   9-3
Bethune-Cookman           9-3
Hampton                   9-4
Norfolk State           8-4
North Carolina Central   7-5
Morgan State           6-6
South Carolina State   5-7
Howard                   5-7
Florida A&M           5-8
Coppin State           5-8
Maryland-Eastern Shore   2-11   
Delaware State           0-12
General Discussion Forum / Re: Official TV One "Unsung" Thread
« Last post by Valley Girl on Today at 12:05:14 AM »
They are gonna do a live performance too. 

If I could get Silk, Mint Condition, and Toni Tony Tone on one show I would definitely go, and I am not a fan of live concerts.
Lol, I didn't know Winn Dixie was still around.

From a different aspect, let me share this….looking to the immediate future.

Clearly, #ErraticTrump has been acting like a guilty person, so that his reaction to the INDICTMENTS OF RUSSIANS is 1) expected and 2) cowardly.  So, let's move on....

A. President’s Daily Briefings (PDB)

One of the daily duties of a President is to receive intel briefings and act on them.  Unless the CIA, FBI and the DNI are complete FOOLS and COWARDS, #Loser45 has been briefed multiple times on similar ON-GOING actions by the Kremlin since January 20th, 2017.

So, since #ErraticTrump has been briefed while SIMULTANEOUSLY claiming that Russian interference was/is “a ruse” and “a hoax,” that leaves three possible explanations:
•   Either he is so stupid that he could not comprehend the briefings - DISQUALIFIED AS POTUS
•   Or he doesn’t care - DISQUALIFIED AS POTUS
•   Or he IS COMPLICIT as a STOOGE of Putin - in other words, GUILTY AS HELL

B. Acceptance of Findings Related to the Indictment of the Russians

#ErraticTrump EMBRACED the February 16th indictments as a vindication of him.  Of course, this is illogical, counter-factual and stupid.  He tries to ignore that his yearlong series of claims that Russian interference is a hoax and a false Democrat excuse has been UTTERLY AND IRREPARABLY DESTROYED.

However, more than that it sets up an interesting scenario when ADDITIONAL INDICTMENTS DROP!  Along with everyone else outside his 37% base, my prediction is that there will be more indictments.  That seems to be a given.

Question:  When they are announced and #ErraticTrump’s close aides are among those indicted and the exquisite details are revealed about their contacts with Russian Agents and what they discussed (from surveillance tapes),…what will #ErraticTrump say then? 

All of sudden, after embracing Mueller’s work to indict 13 Russians as vindication, will #ErraticTrump call the NEW INDICTMENTS “phony”, “fabricated”, and “a political hitjob?” 

His argument will be so weak ONLY Olds..t will buy it:  The same team that “vindicated’ him with the 13 indictments of Russians has turned on him and attacked him!!!  Wow!!!

This is going to be fun!!!!

Sports Forum / Re: MEAC Basketball: February 17th
« Last post by JBROB on Yesterday at 10:30:18 PM »

Scores for February 17, 2018
BCU 89   
FAMU 66   
DSU 63
HOW 69   
UMES 49   
SCST 66   
SAV 77   
NSU 85
I was told that the MEAC Office has told all of the remaining schools that they are not to play Hampton.  They have been replaced on NCCU's for our homecoming on November 3.   It looks like all teams will play only 7 conference games.   
Using your logic, Obama should have been impeached over Benghazi.

so, your arguing for the current president instead of being outraged.

are you a russian apologist now?  you are really a dirtbag and I'm being kind with that description.
Sports Forum / albany state offensive coordinator leaving
« Last post by wsm on Yesterday at 09:48:55 PM »
Coastal Carolina: Per source, Albany State offensive coordinator Newland Isaac is joining the Coastal staff as running backs coach. Isaac previously worked with offensive coordinator Jamey Chadwell at Charleston Southern, Delta State and North Greenville.

It is my intent to travel to the FVS vs Miles football game.
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