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I see why Doria divorced him, took Meghan and got away from him and his children.

This nonsense isn’t going to stop until “we” starting suing them and asking for monetary damages.

About 100 years ago I went to Georgia Southern when FAMU played them in D1-AA
Georgia Southern’s fans seemed  friendly enough, but it was very clear that we were who we were and they were who they were.
I was very happy to leave the next morning as soon as I could see daylight. LOL!

I breastfed my daughter, and  I  sometimes  breastfed her in public. But I would cover her head with a shawl or blanket. Like Strike 79’s daughter, I breastfed with my parents present, and they were extremely supportive.
I never got any negative comments or stares, most people would say something complimentary or positive.

Politics / Re: Sarah Sanders Has Secret Service Protection
« on: June 27, 2018, 04:18:41 PM »
As mean as Shrek Sanders is, she ought to be able to defend herself.

Why waste taxpayers' money on that tub of lard with legs?

She loved disrespecting Apryl Ryan and being nasty to the press corps, now she needs Secret Service protection?

This is not going to be good.


General Discussion Forum / Re: Ya'll Owe Mo'Nique an Apology
« on: June 27, 2018, 04:02:25 PM »
You can count on black folk to make things personal and tear each other down. Just because someone said he did them wrong, you now hate him.  Yet you will go out and keep banking at Wells Fargo, watching NFL, eating Chic-Filet,....   Those things are a lot more egregious than Daniels blackballing diva Mo' or owing a loan shark money.  Why, do y'all insist on hating black people so?  :shrug: Just like you gave Dash and Mo' the benefit of the doubt, Daniels could be on the right in both of these cases. I'm actually willing to concede that Mo' may have a point but I also realize that I don't have all the information. Why should I hate Mo' for being a diva in the same way you are demonizing Lee Daniels?  :shrug:

I don't hate Lee Daniels, he  annoys the heck out of me. I don't hate Mo'Nique, she is loud and very "expressive" and  she probably  cannot help herself.

 At the same time, why would Damon Dash confront him (if that what he as doing) in a VERY public place unless he hadn't been able to get a response from him about repaying the loan?

I try to come from a support-myBlack-folks- angle which is why I so hard on my people.

I bank Black, buy Black as much as I can, (even the beauty supply) invested Black (when I had extra money) becuase that is how I was raised, which is why I get really upset when I see "us" treating one another like garbage.

I cannot even begn to list the ways my parents used to make sure they did business with Black people;it was a way of life.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Ya'll Owe Mo'Nique an Apology
« on: June 27, 2018, 01:38:02 PM »
DO NOT MESS WITH A SAGITTARIAN!  Even if we don't prevail, we bring the proof every time!!!  ;D

Lee  Daniels is SUPER-messy individual. I knew that when I saw him in interviews for the "The Woodsman."
Dash might not be the most upstanding person, but at least he was trying to help another Black man do something with his talents.(even if you don't think Daniels is talented)

Daniels thinks he is clever, but  he is not. While he was so busy blackballing Mo'Nique so he could be accepted by White Hollyweird, he forgot to pay back the man who helped finanance the very movie which provided his entry into Hollyweird's directors' circles. I am sure he has made that money several times over, plus interest.

Then there is Tyler Perry, who has made a mint off Black folks with his movies, and who is likely looking for that same acceptance as Daniels. But, he is joining Daniels to kill Mo'Nique's career and lying to her to placate her.

I am hardly a fan of Mo'Nique.

But, this situation is ONE more example of why we cannot work together.
Because of Daniels, Dash is probably going to be reluctant to loan money to another Black person for any kind of project.

We don't have to worry about White folks sabotaging us, because we do a good job all by ourselves ourselves.

The Jackson 5 in Baltimore, Md.

My mom and next door neighbor’s mom took us.

I think I was 7 almost, 8 because my mom had recently. given birth.

Dude should move to Norway.

Publicity Stunt. The Knowles-Carter’s  reps know how to
wind up the publicity machine and let it rip.

This newfound “friendship/encounter” with ghetto loudmouth Tiffany Haddidish is another ploy to keep Beyonce’s name in people’s mouths. She is the “hot new Black star”, so she is a perfect person for them.

Tiffany will continue dropping “tidbits” about Beyonce fir now and after the tour,Beyoncé and Tiffany will rarely, if ever, be seen breathing the same air.

General Discussion Forum / Re: UMBC President is a Hampton Alumnus
« on: March 19, 2018, 06:47:21 PM »
Dr. Hrabowski was a frequent speaker at my daughter’s high school before and during her time there.

The kids loved him.

General Discussion Forum / Re: The Mutiny at Hampton University
« on: March 07, 2018, 04:03:50 PM »
How does Harvey expect students to put up with less-than-favorable physical conditions and atmosphere when their tuition money pays his salary and keeps the school functioning?

He might want to come down from the ivory tower and start treating the students more respectfully. I’m
sure is not thrilled with this bad publicity.

I just LOVE this!

 She wanted to be some kind of special, exotic
Negro, and she is a Negro with  backwoods Maryland DNA in her bloodstream!!!

Politics / Re: So, Your Boy Roy Moore Needs Money
« on: March 04, 2018, 01:38:14 PM »

He better get used to it. It will be paying him many
more visits.

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