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All hail the queens. EBONY magazine is pleased to announce the winners of our HBCU Campus Queens Online Poll.

During a week of intense online voting, more than 2 million votes were cast for the Campus Queens! Ten ladies came out on top and will grace the pages of our September 2011 issue. The winners, in voting order, are:

Desiree Williams, Hampton University

Ashley Graham, South Carolina State University

Tiffany Sorrells, Benedict College

De’Jonique Garrison, Clark Atlanta University

Jasmine Gurley, North Carolina A&T State University

Ashlee Thomas, Howard University

Charnee’ Pearson-Starling, Bennett College

Charlena Kennedy, Bethune-Cookman University

Neshaszda Brown, Albany State University

Breana Watkins, Tuskegee University

Congrats to the winners!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

General Discussion Forum / Dr. Edna J Ragins (North Carolina A&T)
« on: May 18, 2011, 02:10:14 PM »
PROFESSOR posted this on BDV last week but in case some didn't see it or haven't heard......

GREENSBORO - Dr. Edna Johnson Ragins, Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Marketing, Transportation, and Supply Chain, at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (A & T), died on Monday, May 9, at her home in Greensboro, NC after a serious illness.

A celebration of life in Professor Ragins' honor will be held on Thursday, May 19, 2011 (11 a.m.) at North Carolina A&T University Alumni-Foundation Event Center, 200 Benbow Rd., Greensboro, NC.

In lieu of flowers, send contributions to: Dr. Edna Johnson Ragins Scholarship Fund, North Carolina A & T University Foundation, Inc., 200 N. Benbow Rd., Greensboro, NC 27411.


Dr. Ragins was a Hampton class of 1972 graduate.....

I saw dub305 posted this on the 5th quarter and I just had to repost it here. :'( :'( :'(  MEMORIES.. I was at this game sitting over to the left of SCSU Marching 101... My sister from another mother  :hugs: crabbed the 101 that year..........This was when A&T & State were playing in then Erickson Stadium (Bank of America Stadium) in Charlotte... Notice the crowd those few years the attendace was pretty NICE.... (SCSU Halftime vs A&T) (A&T Halftime vs SCSU)

General Discussion Forum / What was your most embarrasing moment(s)?
« on: February 25, 2011, 04:37:18 PM »
Ok so it is Friday and I am really trying to pass time until I leave this office.... So for fun think back during your college or childhood years and tell us what was your most embarrasing moment(s).........

1. Summer school @ A&T in the process of rushing to campus for my Cal exam I left my belt at my apt. I managed to finish my  exam before everyone so I get up grab my bookbag threw it across my shoulder and began to walk to the front of the class. As I approached the professor's desk my shorts hit the floor....Luckily I had on basketball shorts underneath, but I wanted to run out the classroom but was forced to stand there by my professor and get a lecture on what had just happened. I could have went through the floor that was definitely not a great moment.....

2. Grade school, I decided I wanted to mouth off @ the teacher and other students and just have a NASTY attitude this day. Well in the process of running my mouth I didn't realize she had called my mom @ work and she was able to hear me in the background. Around 20 minutes later still running my mouth, I looked up and my mom is standing in the door  :o with a belt in her hand. She pulled me out that class and tore my rump up right in the door way for everybody to see..... I got teased for the rest of the day about that, it wasn't funny at the moment but I can look back on it and laugh about it now LOL....

N.C. A&T gets grant for transportation career training

RALEIGH — N.C. A&T is getting a grant of nearly $1.5 million from state and federal transportation agencies.

The money will pay for the Right of Way Training Program, a combination of courses that helps undergraduates learn how to acquire real estate and right of way for transportation projects. The program is the second of its kind in the state.


General Discussion Forum / February 1, 1960
« on: February 01, 2011, 01:21:26 PM »
Just wanted to give a VERY SPECIAL.......................AGGIE PRIDE!!!!! to the A&T(Greensboro) 4 (Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr. David Richmond) on this 51rst Anniversary of the Sit In at the Woolworth Lunch Counter in Greensboro, NC .................... :clap: :clap: :clap:

This topic might have already been done, if so please forgive me.... But just for fun... Let's say for whatever reason you couldn't attend the HBCU that you attended..... What other HBCU(s) would you have attended and why?

Howard: The DC factor........History & reputation of the school....Academics....

FAMU: Many things about FAMU remind me alot of A&T, SBI (School of Business & Industry) has done and is still doing outstanding things, strong programs across the board, I love the school spirit, arrogance, and vibe of FAMU alums & students....Excels in both academics & athletics.....


Morehouse or Tuskeegee

Morehouse: Strong academic reputation, always wondered what it would have been like to attend school in the AUC when ALL 4 schools were up & running...

Tuskeegee I LOVE the school ( I attended summer camp at Skeegee). Beautiful campus with so much history, loved the Kellog Center, the people  were very freindly & nice, has very good academic programs, and the students & alums take much pride in their school. HOWEVER the only thing then and now that would keep me from going to Skeegee is the location :( Have often wondered how it is during the school year though.....

On the Sidelines and In The Stands / 2011 HONDA BATTLE OF THE BANDS!!!
« on: November 08, 2010, 01:35:41 AM »
Albany State- SIAC
Clark Atlanta-SIAC
Bethune Cookman-MEAC
South Carolina State MEAC
Jackson State-SWAC
Tennessee State- Independent
Virginia State- CIAA
Winston Salem State-CIAA


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