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First off, let me applaude the POTUS for once again showing some leadership in the handling of this crisis.

Second, we are not at war.  Our troops - at the time of this posting - are not on Libyan soil.  Our Tomahawk missles aimed at military targets does not constitute a war.  I know the POTUS has acted correctly and has met the requirements of the War Powers Act. 

Once again, the Wrong-wing noise machine has flooded the net and airways with dayum lies and more dayum lies.  Think Rwanda and Burundi and those awful type of events and outcomes all over again. The US and the international community stood by as human beings were exterminated. If you need background on that I recommend the PBS video - Ghosts of Rwanda - as definitive coverage.

And as for hypocrisy, what's the Right's objection to Libya and this latest US military intervention? That there wasn't a declaration of war? When did St Reagan ask for a declaration of war when he pulled his various capers?

There was no consultation of Congress when active duty troops were deployed during the LA riots.

Despite the conservaturds' claims of hypocrisy, I don't actually see too much support for the operation, and what I see is tempered with concern for how in the world this can be ended quickly absent western ground troops. At least we aren't leading the charge to Tripoli (so far).

I know its in the Marine Hymn.  We've been there and done that once before.  Time for the French Foreign Legion to ride lead horse this time.

OOPS, now the GA Representative has "selective hearing"
mmediately condemn a constituent who asked about assassinating President Barack Obama because he was stunned by the question and didn't want to dignify it with a response.

Rep. Paul Broun, a conservative who has harshly criticized the president, confirmed that at a town hall event in Oglethorpe County, Ga., on Tuesday a man asked, "Who's going to shoot Obama?"

After the exchange was reported by the Athens Banner-Herald, Broun issued a statement Friday calling the question "abhorrent."

"I deeply regret that this incident happened," Broun said in a statement. "I condemn all statements — made in sincerity or jest — that threaten or suggest the use of violence against the president of the United States or any other public official. Such rhetoric cannot and will not be tolerated."

His office refused to say whether it had audio or video footage of the exchange.

According to the newspaper's account, which was confirmed by Broun's office, the congressman didn't criticize the man for asking the question, instead deflecting it. He told the audience that he understood their frustration with Obama and reminded them that they would have the chance to help elect a new president next year.


This guy, Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, threatens a former POTUS, and is being castrated by the press as a terrorist.

Now we have a current POTUS threatened, and all we get is:  "We reported it to the Secret Service?!?!?!?

Politics / Re: obama is sending this country straight to hell
« on: February 23, 2011, 10:59:08 PM »
Wow, a DEM POTUS telling the American taliban to get out of our lives!

Mr. Thomas was appointed to the Bench where Thurgood Marshall once sat. But where Justice Marshall was an inspiring justice, Thomas sits approaching his fifth anniversary without saying a word from the bench. Probably has nothing meaningful to say, but he should probably be impeached and removed from the SCOTUS for failure to disclose his household income that strongly suggests huge conflicts of interest. I would love to see him gone. It would produce the possibility of a 4 to 4 tie on the right wing's judicial activism to further a corporate agenda, but I don't see how that ever happens. The judiciary is almost as far right as the Fox Network these days. A product of a relentless push to seat only "right"-thinking jurists.

The GOP has yet to produce one new job, or even show any interest in job creation. Their entire focus so far has been on job destruction and causing harm to achieve political ends for Corporate America and far right extremists.  The people should ask: Is that what the last election was about?

Politics / Re: cowardly democrats leave state instead of voting
« on: February 20, 2011, 10:45:35 AM »
What we have seen is hostility at women, and those who already have jobs, whose only sin is that they are a government worker and have traded pay increases over the last decade for pension and health benefit improvements. If Wisconsin actually had a budget deficit when Walker came into office, then I would have agreed with part of what Scott Walker was trying to do. But he wasn’t doing this for budgetary reasons. He first created the deficit himself with the corporate tax giveaways he got through the legislature, and then tried to scapegoat government workers for the deficit he created. And going beyond simply addressing his phony deficit, he wants to achieve the far right corporate dream of undoing collective bargaining under the guise of blaming teachers, police officers, nurses, firefighters, and highway workers for a budget mess he created.

Politics / Re: House votes to defund Planned Parenthood
« on: February 19, 2011, 11:07:16 AM »
The American Taliban has decided to balance the budget on the backs of women. Great. I see jobless Americans getting their new job right now   ::)  ::)  ::)

Do we all get to indicate what programs we find morally repugnant, and then have their funding cut entirely? What could be funded then? Perhaps we should not allow BCBS any federal funding or control of federal funding because they insure women with policies that allow for elective pregnancies. Local hospital, you should be in the cross hairs of the American Taliban because you have the method, means and ability to assist a woman in an unwanted pregnancy. Hey print shop - you are about to loose any of the promised federal subsidies for small businesses because you dared print all that material related to abortions.

Oh well, we see the American Taliban hard at work for jobs and a strong economy. Women, please report to your OSHA approved kitchen - barefoot and pregnant.

Politics / 3d Year of Lower Taxes Under President Obama
« on: February 08, 2011, 08:36:43 PM »
As a share of the nation's economy, the lowest taxes since 1950. Still.

... [F]or the third straight year, American families and businesses will pay less in federal taxes than they did under former President George W. Bush, thanks to a weak economy and a growing number of tax breaks for the wealthy and poor alike.

Income tax payments this year will be nearly 13 percent lower than they were in 2008, the last full year of the Bush presidency. Corporate taxes will be lower by a third, according to projections by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

« on: January 31, 2011, 06:38:19 PM »
Has Mr. Robinson ever had anything REALLY bad to say about Obama or his policies? He's been one of the head cheerleaders from day one....what else do you expect from this guy......something objective? GO VIKINGS!!!

Do you have anything FACTUAL to say to counter his points?


what a hypocrite.  you didn't ask optimusprime if he had anything factual.

Thanks y04185.  I do have facts.

Bachmann was so far to the Right that she did not EVEN LOOK TO THE LEFT at the camera!!!

LAWD help us.

Hope and Change has worked well for me.  You are the one that seems frustrated, OS. 

Listen to the speech, OS.  Then, take yourself to the local community college, expand your knowledge in investments and do yourself a favor so that no matter who occupies the White House, you are not dependent upon them for your future.

And, pay your tithes.


« on: January 24, 2011, 07:26:26 PM »
This gets better by the day
Cantor: I believe Obama is a US citizen

WASHINGTON – The new Republican House majority leader says he doesn't think questions about President Barack Obama's citizenship should play a role in the discussion of policy matters.

Two years into the Obama administration, so-called birthers continue to argue that Obama isn't a natural-born citizen and that he hasn't proved he's constitutionally qualified to be president. Birth records in Hawaii haven't dissuaded them.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says he believes Obama is a citizen and that most Americans are beyond that question.

Appearing Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press," Cantor refused to call people who question Obama's citizenship "crazy," saying it's not nice to call anyone crazy.

                                                  #         #              #

These birthers are "crazy"

First off, why did Cantor not say:  "...Obama is a natural-born citizen, as so required by the US Constitution?

Oh, the hate, oh the hate!

Birther Cases Won:  0
Birther Case Brought to date:  72
Cases pending:  0

Wow, what odds!

« on: January 21, 2011, 06:35:38 PM »
Memo to Tea Baggers: Republicans made big gains in Congress, and took back the House, because the economy that Bush and the Republican Party wrecked was merely saved by Obama. He wasn't able to cut resulting unemployment enough after the economic catastrophe to make many independents happy. Go figure. But to say there was any kind of a mandate, or that the election was about the deficit and smaller government, or the other issues on which the Democrats scored big victories last month, well that would be fantasy (something with which you are familiar although you confuse it for reality).

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