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General Discussion Forum / Re: Can You Sue Mom and Dad for Tuition?
« on: March 04, 2014, 04:37:19 PM »

17 are right. As offensive as it was to think that someone would rob a pregnant woman apparently in stress of the fact that the boyfriend ran off. Presumably the father of the child....

I think his actions upset me more than the punk a** robbers. 

General Discussion Forum / Re: What's Next For Director Steve McQueen?
« on: March 03, 2014, 06:31:22 PM »
Good post, VG

Side note...anyone see the Saturday Night Live skit on casting for 12 YAS this past Saturday? That ish was funny!! Pull it up if you haven't seen it.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Scandal, Scandal
« on: March 03, 2014, 06:16:56 PM »
.... - before everybody knew he had a British accent.

I didn't know until I saw him do an interview for his movie...Mandela!  I was trippin'!

Anyway... Daddy Pope is cold. Telling his daughter to be afraid and run. Wow. That and his scene when he was held captive and the Prez stopped by. He played that thang.

Millie no side piece...she was just getting her groove on.

I am very tired, and disgusted, by the possessive nature of Fitz over Liv. He mistakes it for love. It makes me sick. I actually pause the tv for like 30 seconds so I can fast forward past the obligatory snatch up Liv in a moment of weakness scene.

The lunch scene was fly. I am increasingly becoming more appreciative of Mellie's frame. If she was a sister, we would be calling her a Thoroughbred.

David is going to get his pound of flesh one day....and feel like ish when he finally gets it. 

General Discussion Forum / Re: Lupita Nyong'o at her finest
« on: March 01, 2014, 08:30:24 PM »
What's the problem? If I don't find her attractive that is my view. I love dark skin women. My sisters are dark, I am dark skin, but I don't find her to be attractive. Sorry if that is what you like, but I don't...

Well... I'm with you here. Her stylist is killing it, though. She is always fly, but she is just....OK.

These young men do not listen (females either) they seem to think that they have to have some type of "street cred" by submitting to paddles & other forms of physical ABUSE!They still use the line  "You can be paper or earn it" Which way do you want it"? And because of this line.....THEY succumb to the okey doke!!!
Please strengthen the minds of your young folks before they enter anyones Intake Process.

If it was only that easy. They want to wear that para.

It does not help when you have some old school jokers encouraging and sometimes participating in the madness also.

True dat...

I am so thankful we didn't have camera phones, video cams and internet in those days.  :snicker :tongue2: :clap: :bow:

Man...I pulled out a video camera on a few occasions.  Pure debauchery.  But like the movie The Hangover...we watched it a few times...and crushed the tapes.  Maybe we were wide beyond our years. 

Phone cameras back then would have put the nail in many a coffin...

Very subjective. 

As "locals", we kicked it beginning the Sunday before Freaknic weekend.  We were tired, and "got it out of our system" by Thursday when the visitors came...and became snipers.  Male and female alike.  It was always neat to see the conservative future CPA get loose. 

CAU used to be an open campus that you could drive through.  Really beginning Wednesday afternoon, the car systems were so loud and constant that many teachers just cancelled class. 

I was fortunate enough to run with and host some "famous" people during my time there, and invariably they all said they saw nothing like this. 

...For some odd reason she continues to get reality shows with subtitles.

HAHA...That ish is funny...

...It's a numbers game. Look at her family before jumping in men :no:

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and you can't help who you fall are correct.  Man...did I luck up before I paid attention there. 

Anyway...go back to the story of the Chinese business man that sued his ex-wife for giving them ugly children.  Apparently she had so much plastic surgery that he didn't recognize that she was actually hit until the kids came out and he was stunned.  Dude won in court...

Nothing to see here.  I think the comments to each other were supportive, and loving. 

But more anyone can tell you that has been married for a while...wearing a ring tends to leave a little tan mark.  Her fingers don't show that.  In other looks like she takes her ring of on a regular basis, so not having it on in this pic is not necessarily a sign of anything to me here...

General Discussion Forum / Re: MLK sons VS Bernice Round 5
« on: February 10, 2014, 01:19:30 AM »
....BTW, MKL's kids, if they are his kids....

This made me sit up.  I know MLK got his swerve on, and was gone a lot, and can see if a woman was either lonely for company or bent on revenge...or maybe that's just how they rolled....

But has there been speculation that any of the kids are not the product of Martin and Coretta.  I missed this...please enlighten me if so...

Good stuff.  Feb 8 is remembered in my house.  My parents were there...

She is a very good commentator and ask relevant questions.   Hair.   :shrug:  Many have a bad suit day, bad tie day, bad color day.   

Given that I have taken to wearing bow ties exclusively now, I HATE having a bad tie day.  I find myself fidgeting, and re-doing it.  I'm sweating.  Arms get sore.  Shirts all wrinkled in the sleeves.  Even when others are giving me compliments, or lamenting on how they can't tie one...I know better, and try to make it presentable in the way I think it should be as the image I was trying to convey when I put it together.

I's just a tie...

MAn, y'all back up off Pam's tip….that sista is on it…let he be…let her be…please, let her be….

I will cut her some slack by simply saying....Ivan is a smart man....

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