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Honolulu Woman Sentenced to 90 Days Jail for Removal of Classified Documents from U.S. Embassy


You've got to give Conservatives credit for working the long game...

But this is scary for everyone else!!!

"You take this grenade and you pull the pin, you've got a live piece of ammo in your hands," Santorum, a two-time GOP presidential candidate and former CNN commentator, explained in audio of his remarks obtained by the left-leaning watchdog group the Center for Media and Democracy and shared with Insider. "34 states — if every Republican legislator votes for this, we have a constitutional convention."

The December 2021 ALEC meeting represents a flashpoint in a movement spearheaded by powerful conservative interests, some of whom are tied to Trumpworld and share many of Trump's goals, to alter the nation's bedrock legal text since 1788. It's an effort that has largely taken place out of public view.


Psychiatrist's Take on Why #3TimeLoser45 Has a Grip on His Followers & Why Dems Don't Know How to Handle the GQP

Psychiatrist and former hostage negotiator breaks down the right’s 'psychological adhesion' to Trump

What do y'all think about this analysis..?


In a recent essay at Medium, Dr. Mark Goulston, a leading psychiatrist, former FBI hostage negotiation trainer and the author of the bestsellers "Just Listen" and "Talking to 'Crazy,'" offers a provocative explanation for the Democratic Party's weakness. He argues that Democrats are "highly conflict avoidant" and that such a temperament has made them "mincemeat to the vast majority of the GOP who is allegiant to Donald Trump."

In my recent conversation with Goulston, he expanded on this analysis, arguing that Democrats keep losing to the Republicans because they refuse to speak passionately, clearly and in declarative terms to the American people. He warns that Republicans, especially Trump loyalists, are bullies who embrace and welcome conflict, and that Democrats do not fight back effectively because they refuse to acknowledge the reality that bullies must be confronted and cannot be negotiated with or defeated with rational arguments. Goulston further explains that Trump's followers remain loyal to him precisely because of his antisocial and anti-human behavior, not despite it.

Why are so many members of America's political class and the mainstream media repeatedly "shocked" and "stunned" by Donald Trump's antisocial and anti-human behavior? This is a common reaction to the "revelations" about Jan. 6 and the violence at the Capitol, including Trump wishing death on Mike Pence. Trump has behaved this way for most if not all of his public life. If a person keeps being shocked by obvious behavior, what does that reveal about their personality defects? Are they really shocked, or are they just pretending?

The reason they're shocked is because a person cannot be partially sociopathic or narcissistic. It's a slippery road when you allow sociopaths or narcissists to ride over you unchecked. The denial, and giving such people the benefit of the doubt, just encourages them.

People on the left, the Democrats especially, are also afraid to acknowledge the dark parts of their personalities, such as anger and rage. Such feelings fill them with shame. Therefore, they deny to themselves that Donald Trump and other such sociopaths and narcissists are so dangerous. Leading Democrats such as Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi need to learn to talk to the public in a very authoritative way. They smile and talk so rationally. They need to show some emotion and passion.

One of the reasons I believe Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton is that Donald Trump was declarative, and Hillary was explanatory. Hillary Clinton was showing the American people that she was really prepared for the responsibilities of being president of the United States. In an effort to be convincing, she wasn't compelling. Donald Trump was declarative, which meant you knew where he stood. You might not have agreed with him. But Trump was able to hook his base precisely because of how declarative he was, and is, in his speech.

Trump was also being a type of role model for his followers. He showed them that you don't have to sit on your anger and suppress it. You can act on it. Why keep in all that built-up frustration? Trump told his followers, "Let's go get even with whoever's bothering us! Join me, because we could all shoot someone in Times Square and still get elected! Hey, it's fun!"

Ultimately, Trump appeared on the stage and let the genie out of the bottle as a role model for unsuppressed and unrepressed thoughts and feelings. Many Americans of a certain background and political orientation who have a buildup of frustration and anger psychologically adhered themselves to Donald Trump. This is not a mere attachment. It is a psychological adhesion, which explains why they remain so loyal to him.



Won't be long before #3TimeLoser45 claims he hardly knows Meadows OR the other prime Fall Guy candidate, John Eastman...


Trump’s inner circle increasingly views Meadows as a likely fall guy for the former president’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election. Members of Trump’s legal team are actively planning certain strategies around Meadows’ downfall — including possible criminal charges. Trump has himself begun the process of distancing himself from some of his onetime senior aide’s alleged actions around Jan. 6.

Meadows’ already bleak legal prospects could get even worse. Rolling Stone has learned that the Jan. 6 committee has been quietly probing his financial dealings, and any new revelations would add to an already long list of unethical and potential illegal actions he’s accused of taking on behalf of Donald Trump.


And the former president himself is not long on loyalty, particularly when facing legal peril of his own. Trump’s team has already explored possible legal gameplans about what would happen if Meadows faced additional criminal charges stemming from the events surrounding Jan. 6, according to three people familiar with the situation. And those discussions have at times focused on how to insulate Trump, should any significant charges against foot soldiers like Meadows actually materialize.

Indeed, in recent weeks, Trump himself has casually dropped into conversations with some of his longtime associates that he didn’t always know what Meadows was doing during the months leading up to the riot or after his time in office, two sources with knowledge of the matter tell Rolling Stone. (When Trump finds himself backed into a corner or a moment of legal jeopardy, he will often claim — however flimsily — that he barely knew a top aide who was doing his bidding, or that he didn’t know what his own personal lawyers were doing for him.)


Here's the data:

Red-state Donald Trump voters are now more likely to say they’d be personally “better off” (33%) than “worse off” (29%) if their state seceded from the U.S. and “became an independent country” . . .

And an even larger share of red-state Trump voters say their state as a whole would be better off (35%) rather than worse off (30%) if it left the U.S. . . .

And red-state Trump voters divide roughly down the middle on the question of whether things would be better (37%) or worse (40%) if the country as a whole actually split into a Blue Nation and a Red Nation. No other cohort views disunion so favorably.


Once again, his assertions are ravaged by reality...

Arrest is made in the case, and the FoxNews person that OS was listening to and who had called it a hoax wants to take credit for the arrest!!!

Fox News Guest Who Doubted Ohio Rape Victim Story Takes Credit for Rapist’s Arrest

It really sucks to be Olds..t!!!


Olds..t and y04 will be asking,
"What's wrong with this?"

This is what happens when someone is blinded by hyper-partisanship...

Someone apparently pulled her coat, and Haley deleted the Tweet.


4Chan fRight fWingers cheer on the killer...


After Monday’s shooting, 4chan trolls invaded the community, using it as a meeting point to laud the shooter and post memes about the attack. The Discord channel was shut down around 6 p.m. ET, just hours after Crimo was named as a person of interest.

Crimo also posted frequently to a message board that discussed graphic depictions of murder, suicide and death. His most recent post to that message board came last week, when he posted a video of a beheading.

Crimo didn’t frequently post about major political figures on his websites, except for two posts about former President Donald Trump.

A video posted to Crimo’s YouTube page on Jan. 2, 2021, appears to show Crimo among a throng of protesters cheering for Trump’s presidential motorcade outside an airport. Crimo flips the phone’s orientation to reveal his face at the end of the video.

Crimo is also seen draped in a Trump flag in a June 27, 2021, post on Twitter. The post is captioned with only the word “spam.”

You KNEW it was bad, but lest we forget how BAD it truly was, check this from 2018 - four years ago.

Incontrovertible evidence for why #3TimeLoser45 should never again be in any position of power - and never should have been.


Politics / Vernon Jones gets completely clowned by Roland Martin
« on: June 22, 2022, 08:42:10 PM »

rolandsmartin on Twitter

Fam! Please send your condolences to
 Jones. The #MAGA loving Donald Trump ass kissin’ Kappa
@kapsi1911 got DESTROYED tonight 75% to 25% in the congressional runoff. Ain’t no crowd surfing at his campaign repast! 😂😂😂 RT so that vile loudmouth fool will see it!!


Unseen Trump tapes subpoenaed by House panel investigating Jan. 6


I was familiar with his sense of ironic sarcasm, but didn't realize he had such a deep and incisive insight into history...

This one is not to be missed:


Real Conservatives Know, but Seldom Tell, the Truth re: #3TimeLoser45, but...
...when they do, it is devastating!!!!

If Trump Wasn’t Lying, That’s Worse
A delusional president is far more dangerous than a mendacious one.


Detached from reality. Lost contact. No interest in facts.

We can’t have a president who thinks—or doesn’t think—this way. We can’t put the world’s most powerful armed forces and nuclear arsenal back in the hands of a man who believes, no matter what, that he has the mandate of the people—and is willing to use violence to stay in power. In the Oval Office, a madman is far more dangerous than a liar.

About the Bulwark

Founded in 2018 by Sarah Longwell, Charlie Sykes and Bill Kristol, The Bulwark focuses on political analysis and reporting without partisan loyalties or tribal prejudices.

We put country over party.

We know that we’re all in this together.



Despite the public perceptions influenced by racist tropes and media's focus on the negative, research demonstrates clearly that Black men ARE, to a greater extent than others, THERE FOR THEIR CHILDREN and for the children of other men, too:

Chapters compare the diversity of African American fatherhood with negative portrayals in politics, academia, and literature, and, through qualitative analysis and original profiles, ultimately refute the argument that young black fathers are irresponsible caregivers. This collection also includes several interviews with daughters of absent fathers and concludes with the effects of certain policy decisions on responsible parenting.


Larger percentages of Hispanic (82%) and white (70%) fathers had NOT helped their non-coresidential children with homework at all in the last 4 weeks compared with black fathers (56%).
A larger percentage of fathers aged 15–44 of Hispanic origin (70%) had not read to their noncoresidential children at all in the last 4 weeks compared with black (47%) and white (36%) fathers.
Among Hispanic fathers who did not live with their children, 63% did not talk with their children at all in the last 4 weeks about things that had happened during the children’s day, compared with 29% of white fathers and 21% of black fathers.
About two-thirds of Hispanic fathers aged 15–44 (66%) had not bathed, dressed, or diapered their children in the last 4 weeks, significantly more than black (34%) or white fathers (39%).

3) The truth: Black fathers are more involved
We can not equate the number of unmarried dads to the number of “fatherless” children. First of all, marriage rates don’t necessarily reflect the number of Black fathers living with their children; as writer Josh Levs points out, the majority of Black dads (2.5 million of around 4.2 million) do live with their kids, even if they’re not married to their partner.
And second of all, according to a 2013 report by the CDC, Black dads—whether they live with their children, or not—are more actively involved in their children’s lives than their counterparts of other races.
Low-income, nonresident father involvement with their toddlers: variation by fathers' race and ethnicity
Race/Ethnic Differences in Nonresident Fathers’ Involvement after a Nonmarital Birth

Percent of fathers (15-44) living with their children (under 5) who on a daily basis…
Note: Not all the differences are statistically significant.
The blue column is for white fathers, the black column is for Black fathers.

On this day, I pay tribute to my own Dad, George V. Keene (1892-1973), who with a 3rd grade education was one of the most educated men I have known.

I miss you, Dad! I thank you and I love you!


A surprisingly balanced report considering the source: Bloomberg.

If your time is limited, check out at least the first 11 minutes.

Some commonly held misconceptions about loans from China are addressed.


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