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Roy Innis and td jakes? You are kidding 

Never heard of those negroes   can you pick ONE so I can Google their achievements and rip them to pieces

Systematic racism doesn't exist in America that's not true   if it didn't exist you would not be trolling here every morning

Most people don't even go to  church

Not my opinion just facts black Republicans are for white interests   name one prominent black republican who speaks for black interests   s**t your sorry ass don't speak for black interests so YOU are exhibit number 1

As long as winsome and YOU cater to white interests and not black interests you will always be propped up by some whites as the American dream   what you don't realize it's their dream not yours

Because you SAY something doesn't make you A bigot  when you use POWER to deny one job or loan that is racism and bigotry   just spouting words is prejudice but not racism or bigotry

Problem is sometimes you can't dock at certain ports of call due to covid

As Tony brown would say ' black folks leave white folks alone- make your neighbors and schools so good people will SUE YOU to attend them" most people of other races don't wake every morning worrying about blacks   unlike Y they don't spend their time trolling the internet to find bad things about blacks so they can post it on the internet

This dude is paid by the Koch Brothers

Bottom line is this   asians care about asians jews care about jews Arabs care about arabs

The most important thing is that black people have to care about black people

See most ethnic groups see economic empowerment in their communities   blacks emphasize education first   but if you have education with no community economic empowerment we will always be behind the eight ball

Okay what party does covid 19 belong too?

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