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A lot of European countries are not backing America and Ukraine is in their back yard

Weak due you plan to join the military to fight the Russians? Would you risk nuc5
Nuclear war over Ukraine

So trump is innocent?

They chose dr  king cause they feared Malcolm X


all those programs would never give us equality unless it would be directed to blacks only. Our boys failed because blacks folks did not set up economic base in our community. As a matter of fact unlike  other ethnic groups we don't have a community we have neighborhoods. All our money leaves or neighborhoods and goes to white folks. So for every dollar we make the white man get .96 and we keep 4 cent. of our own money,  So in white man keeps his dollar and have .96 of yours.  Ain't no government program gonna remedy that.

Why should you wworry about what whites have to offer - you can help yourself. Blacks like Y are more worried about white folks and what they think than taking care of his own business. Leave white folks alone- they don't care about you. You spend 24 hours a day on this site worrying about what whites think or do and none of them whether conservative or liberal care or think about your ass.

Well he is right- different groups are fighting for economic power and are using mechanisms to gainit. IN the black community poverty lack of capital unsafe working conditions are SYMPTOMS but not the problem in the black community our problem is ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT. This what "race" is all about - each group either arab, jew or chinese are in competition for economic power. Blacks are too worried about integration  and what whites think of us. NAACP and Urban wanna help everybody when they should be helping black folks.

Politics / Since CRT makes whites uncomfortable
« on: January 20, 2022, 04:22:57 PM »
Why don't we ban algebra geometry and calculus and physics   that makes them uncomfortable too

Politics / Re: Hip Hop Caucus Rallies to Cancel Student Loan Debt
« on: January 20, 2022, 04:00:57 PM »
You know folks demonstrations today are wasted shoe leather   America will never pass a bill that will empower blacks   we have to  build own economic base like the Jews  as long as money leaves our community there is no hope   one social organization(Black) had there annual meeting in Baltimore at the crown plaza. They spent over 100 million that week at the plaza but the building cost 200 million to build   we should have had our own hotel and that would have generated income for the black community   every year 385 black organizations spend 16 billion dollars having their meetings at white hotels.  That is more than America gives in foreign aid  and almost as much as we spend to fund the military

They love Martin luther King cause they were afraid of malcolm X  when dr  King died he a 30% approval rating

Trump ain't never won the popular vote  not even in his bedroom

Same old game   appointed black folks to bring down black folks so they won't seem racist   CRT=ACTUAL AMERICAN HISTORY

What is CRT oldsport? If you don't know what it is how can you give it a name?

You believe in polls? Now  you are the Bruce Jenner of politics

Ole man needs to take his altZhiemer medicine today

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