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"One of the things I know I really want to do is explore bringing gaming and esports (competitive video gaming) to Bennett. … I was just at the White House Initiative on HBCUs in D.C. and there was a panel on esports and HBCUs. I spoke to a number of people afterward because I was super nerdy and excited about it. I said it was really interesting — do you have many women participating? They said no — just a few here and there. I do have women on this campus who game and who have an interest. I said I’d love to host a meeting or small conference on the topic of black women and girls in esports. We’ll be bringing that (to campus)."

Jada Pinkett Smith might be reprising her role as Niobe in “The Matrix 4,” film, according to a report from Deadline. Her agent is said to be in negotiations at the moment.

Sports Forum / Re: The Orange Blossom Classic is back?
« on: October 18, 2019, 02:01:39 PM »
I think the game between Albany State and FAMU will be a great success. First, I'm from South Georgia. Most Black High School Grads who choose HBCUS attend FAMU, Albany State or FVSU. I chose ASU. I have family members that attended FVSU and FAMU. Although the rivalry with FVSU is unmatched, we don't like FAMU either. Also Albany State games are well attended. We frequently have standing room crowds at big games. Also, the fact that it is a holiday weekend will help attendance. Finally, I think that Albany State can really give FAMU a competitive game if not beat them.

Agree. I lived in South Georgia for three years as a counselor for an Upward Bound program. My students who chose HBCUs often enrolled at ASU, FAMU, or FVSU. I've attended games for all three schools. :nod:

If you don’t know what the Real ID driver’s license is, you have plenty of company.

If you still don’t know about it by the end of this column, you may be in a world of hurt if you try to get on an airplane starting Oct. 1, 2020.

Since Reconstruction, Virginia has elected only two African American Republicans to the legislature. This year, two young black men running against Democrats might change that.

"I Feel for You" was a smash for Chaka Khan in 1984. Five years earlier, it existed only as a solo demo by a 20-year-old Prince.

We are hiring for hundreds of new jobs in the high-tech city of Huntsville, AL, where a new FBI campus is under construction at the Redstone Arsenal, a 38,000-acre federal research, development, testing and engineering center.

Papa John's pizza is bland and nasty...How about he invest in Slim & Husky's?  Slim&Husky's is black-owned, started by TSU grads, and has locations in Nashville and Atlanta.

Hmm... :nod:

Yeah, a Soflo & M&G Pizza and Sub would be better.  :nod:

That’s not gonna get you any free sammishes.

Definitely CASH for bear customers.

Y'all do take stamps, don't you?  :shrug:

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