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Amazon wants to kill the supermarket checkout line.

The online retailing giant is opening its first cashier-less supermarket, where shoppers can grab milk or eggs and walk out without waiting in line or ever opening their wallets. It's the latest sign that Amazon is serious about shaking up the $800 billion grocery industry.

At the new store, which opened Tuesday in Amazon's hometown of Seattle, shoppers scan a smartphone app to enter the store. Cameras and sensors track what's taken off shelves. Items are charged to an Amazon account after leaving.

Dr. Pope holds a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree and a doctorate in higher education administration from the University of Alabama. He was a member of the university’s 1992 national championship football team.

Not only is the NFL putting the draft and a team in Las Vegas this year, but its pending collective bargaining agreement with players has the hurried feel of a wedding at a drive-through chapel.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe it will be wedded bliss. But considering it’s a 10-year deal with no way for either side to wriggle out, there’s bound to be some bumpiness over the next decade.

So what did Keynes get wrong about the modern workweek?

To answer that, Zarghamee pointed us to another seminal economist, Thorstein Veblen, who developed the concept of “conspicuous consumption,” the idea that people don’t just care about how much money they have, but about how much money they have relative to everyone else.

We will have to hold our breath.

 :o ::) :popcorn:

Health care and literacy improved a lot, but the country’s economic record is much less impressive.

It’s important to reform gateway courses, but to really improve student success, one professor argues, you need to re-evaluate the entire pathway to a degree.

February 27 marks National Strawberry Day, so what better way to celebrate the sweet day with strawberry dishes of all kinds? From drinks to desserts, these eight recipes are sure to highlight strawberries in their many forms.

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