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General Discussion Forum / 'When Mathematicians Get Angry' (New Book)
« on: September 02, 2011, 04:40:10 PM »
I'm currently reading an interesting book entitled, "The Good School." Chapter five is called, "When Mathematicians Get Angry."

"As more and more schools adopt dress codes, back-to-school shopping is often a rather dull exercise. Polo shirts. Khaki pants. Plaid skirts. As the students might say, bo-ring.

But in the great tradition of teenagers challenging authority, students at schools that require uniforms have been bending the rules a bit, showing up to class in cargo shorts, leggings and yoga pants. And some schools are not only looking the other way at the modifications, but explicitly allowing the fashion-forward items. . ."

Dr. Melissa V. Harris-Perry explores the Black woman's challenge to move beyond race and gender stereotypes to be recognized as an authentic individual.

See pages 14-15:

A free service through the U.S. Department of Education:  :nod:

“Do you feel concerned or hopeful about the fact that racial minorities will soon make up a majority of the U.S. population?”

"...But Jameel’s local school system has made one recent move that might work significantly in his favor. A few days after returning from the college fair, Jameel logged on to a new Web site that is the result of a contract between the Miami-Dade County school system and a Boston-based company called ConnectEDU..."

"...This won’t just help the brightest, most driven kids. Bad matching is a problem throughout higher education, from top to bottom. Among all students who enroll in college, most will either transfer or drop out. For African American students and those whose parents never went to college, the transfer/dropout rate is closer to two-thirds..."

Full Article:

Listen to today's (8/30/2011) Jacque Reid segment on TJMS:

Veterans groups filed a lawsuit after the new director of the Houston National Cemetery began enforcing a little-known rule limiting recitations at funerals.

With just more than a year of leading the organization, Johnny Taylor has implemented changes at the Thurgood Marshall College Fund that have essentially overhauled the fund.

Eight suspended members of Alpha Kappa Alpha can sue the sorority and a number of its officers and directors alleging irregularities in the organization’s fiscal management, an appeals court has ruled.

The university wants to add $5 billion by 2018 to the $1 billion given in the last year. The money would go to the school's endowment and for new buildings, labs and research.,0,7660686.story

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