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After a decorated gymnastics career at UCLA, Sadiqua Bynum, a three-time All-American, has jumped into the Hollywood stunt world and works as a double for Regina King in HBO’s “Watchmen.” The 26-year-old is one of the youngest and most successful black stuntwomen in an industry that is just beginning to experience the trickle-down effect of efforts to increase diversity in all of Hollywood.

Centered on the downtown cityscape, the 4,280-square-foot unit features vibrant wood floors, walls of glass, two custom fireplaces and magnetic, wall-mounted iPads for controlling smart home systems. The family room adjoins a center-island kitchen with a breakfast nook. In the master suite, there’s a steam shower.

A government program has given billions in subsidies to farmers affected by the U.S.-China trade war. (Scroll down)

“I’m here all the time. They all know me in here,” Rodriguez said. “The price you pay for the bulk pack, in the store you’re getting one bottle that size. The bulk is the key here.”

Loyal shoppers such as Rodriguez are helping drive big sales at Costco and leaving investors bullish about the stock, which is up more than 40% this year, at a time when other retailers are struggling.

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Matthew A. Cherry's love letter to African-American fathers and daughters is a much-needed reminder of the beauty of our tresses and the bonds they can create.

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Black excellence, Black love, a nappy ‘fro and an MVP-caliber season for the Ravens quarterback

The teams will host events organized by the Represent Justice Campaign to break down stigmas of individuals impacted by the criminal justice system.

Denver Broncos quarterback Marlin Briscoe in action against the San Diego Chargers at San Diego Stadium. Briscoe was the first African American to start a game at the quarterback position in the history of the NFL.

After 30 years of preaching more than 5,000 sermons, the Rev. Howard-John Wesley stood in front of his congregation on Dec. 1 and admitted he needed a break from the Lord’s work. In an address shared widely this week on social media by others in ministry, Wesley made his admission: “I am tired in my soul.”

There's a core belief embedded in the story of the United States — the American Dream. Today we look at the state of that dream as we revisit our 2018 conversation with economist Raj Chetty. We'll ask some questions that carry big implications: can you put an economic value on a great kindergarten teacher? How is it that two children living just a few blocks from each other can have radically different chances in life? And what gives Salt Lake City an edge over Cleveland when it comes to offering people better prospects than their parents?

The changes follow the death of Los Angeles Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs, who was found with opioids and alcohol in his system.

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