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Great news!!!  :clap: :nod:

Overcoming historic barriers, women are becoming coaches in men’s professional sports in greater numbers, bringing more diversity to one of the last bastions of male-dominated culture.

Because she's the first one.  :shrug: It's sort of how when a black person is the first black president of a PWI. They're the first one so it's important.

Because people STILL think women aren't good leaders. Because women have really only been able to pursue these types of opportunities recently. Because even in the HBCU arena, some have never had a woman leader. This is my dissertation topic and I could go on. But it is important.

Having leaders from varied backgrounds and worldviews is very important. All the best with your dissertation.  :nod:

Thanks for sharing.  :)

Students with fewer courses to manage during each term stay on track at significantly higher rates

More than two-thirds (69 percent) of middle and high school students think police should be removed from schools, a report from the Center for Popular Democracy finds...

Study finds that most college diversity policies are based on educational benefits, consistent with the Supreme Court. This approach appeals to white people, but it doesn't win over Black people. And there may be consequences...

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology announced Monday that it would repatriate the remains of Black Philadelphians in the Samuel G. Morton collection...

The suit charged that ACT, in violation of the law, let colleges know about the disability status of some students...

Sports Forum / Magic City Classic to feature two hot QBs
« on: Yesterday at 10:30:38 AM »
The Magic City Classic is a de facto SWAC East title game as both Alabama A&M and Alabama State are still alive. Both QBs are coming in hot as well.

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