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Don’t judge me. But, I don’t participate in the Secret Santa. The max gift amount is $20. I’ll be insulted if someone gave me a gift for $20( unless it’s a child or my kids). I give generously and I expect the same. 

Before you send your GPS my way, your a-- better reroute. I said what I said  ;)

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Tiffany Haddish, Andre Braugher, Jay Pharoah, Corinne Foxx and more will join her to pay tribute one of the best sitcoms ever

The multi-division boxing world champion, who also happens to be an actor, singer, basketball player, preacher and politician, graduated from the University of Makati in the Philippines this week.

In pronouncing the outspoken quarterback’s career dead, the league underscored its own unwillingness to let players exercise their own power.

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A Texas mom unhappy after not being able to find a Santa Claus her sons could relate to has created an app to help others.


At one point, radio legend Tom Joyner said he was earning $14 million a year. However, that figure has been slashed several times...

Holiday parties, gift exchanges — dealing with the holidays at work can be awkward and fraught. Alison Green of Ask a Manager shares advice on workplace etiquette around the holidays.

Duffey can transfer without penalty after graduating from Texas Tech.

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