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Rather than focusing on intercollegiate athletics, higher education should use the analogy to frame a conversation about academic outreach and extension.

Steve “Air” McNair’s legacy was celebrated by the Tennessee Titans on Sunday and Alcorn State will do the same in October.

Our vulnerability to charismatic music offers a key to understanding our vulnerability to charismatic people, institutions, and ideologies more broadly.

Sports Forum / Re: Albany State University Football!!
« on: Yesterday at 06:46:08 PM »
^^^ LOL... Now don't get mad at me J. I'm counting on you all for our first and only win of the season. Please don't let me down. I'm pretty sure we will not win another game. Maybe we should do a "guess how many games we will lose Pick'em". I might get 80% right.
LOL. I want be mad. We need to throw the whole team away.

 :o :popcorn:

Employers— and job seekers— are giving each other the silent treatment.

Akon is not only a musician, but he’s a businessman. He has a record label, clothing brand, numerous charities, and a number of philanthropic endeavors in Africa. He also has a hand in cryptocurrency and launched his first solar energy efforts in the states last year.

Queen Sugar has been renewed for Season 5 at OWN. This comes after its Season 4 finale, which introduced Underground and How to Get Away With Murder star Amirah Vann as a new character, aired Wednesday night.

Sports Forum / Re: Albany State University Football!!
« on: Yesterday at 12:18:33 PM »
Uninspired, Undisciplined Football. I hate to see players DANCING ON THE FIELD to music from the Band while we are losing the Dam football game. 

 ::) :no:

Helton will be out at SC before Kelly.


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