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Politics / Slave Patrol Policing
« on: Yesterday at 08:17:41 AM »
When Will America End "Slave Patrol" Policing?
America must have a conversation on the history, purpose and practice of policing
Thom Hartmann

There’s much celebration in America that a murderous, psychopathic cop will spend the rest of his life in jail for killing George Floyd.

While this moment – this rare moment where a white cop who kills an unarmed Black man actually is held to account — does appropriately get nationwide recognition, it also should provoke nationwide introspection.

For example, why did a police officer’s knee end up on the neck of a man who was accused of passing a bad $20 bill? And why wasn’t that one of the central questions in this trial?

Why was a cop patrolling a neighborhood he doesn’t live in? And how has Ronald Reagan’s decision to hyper-militarize our nation’s police with surplus military equipment widened the gap between police officers and the communities they are supposed to serve?

Why is the behavior of police towards citizens in Black and poor neighborhoods so different from that of police in white and affluent neighborhoods? How is this part of a larger system of racism, regionalism and economic exploitation that sustains poverty and creates communities that resemble war zones?



The legacy of Reaganomics continues.

Was he the first officer on the scene?  I did not see another officer there before he came near the driveway.

Here is one thing for sure.  The right-wing media have a problem with the verdict.

This is frightening.

A thread:


It's fitting that I'm at a loss for words trying to express my anger with @GovRonDeSantis signing the #Anti1A law today in #Florida,  as the bill expressly intends to stifle our constitutional rights to free speech and protest.

I've gone to jail for that right. Will you?

Ron DeSantis is a vile fascist and the GOP have turned Florida into a fascist crime state over the past 30 years. DeathSantis is the culmination of their racist greedy good old boy club.


Politics / Re: Val Demings LIT Into GYM Jordan Today
« on: April 20, 2021, 10:11:16 PM »
To the democratic members of Congress:

Don’t be nice to Jim Jordan.  Forget about bipartisanship.  If one has to be loud and aggressive towards him, then do so.  Being nice will not work.

Look at what happened with Justine Damond and  Mohamed Noor.  The system did not mess around with Noor.  Damond was called the most innocent victim (article).  Sure, she was not a kid but was killed by a police officer.

As it was shown in the 1950 and '60s, pressure comes from outside of politics-not first from the politicians themselves.  They need to be pushed.  Lincoln needed to be pushed to fight the Civil War to end slavery.

The federal government had to be pushed to get behind civil rights after (and before) 1877.  The GOP had abandoned our ancestors, and it took a while for the government to even recognize what was happening to us.

Politics / Re: The Klu Klux Kaucus Will End in Tragedy
« on: April 18, 2021, 11:01:57 AM »
It has been scrapped.  It ended before it got started, but trust me. There will be another attempt.

BTW the GOP is no longer the party of Lincoln.  I guess they forgot about 1877, and Abraham Lincoln needed some arm twisting to fight the war to end slavery.

Politics / The Klu Klux Kaucus Will End in Tragedy
« on: April 17, 2021, 12:05:12 PM »

The Klu Klux Kaucus Will End in Tragedy
The America First movement rises again & it doesn’t take a dog to figure out what that whistle means
Thom Hartmann

Well, now they’re just coming right out and saying it.

Several Southern Republican members of the House of Representatives have proposed a Klu Klux Kaucus that will adhere to “Anglo-Saxon” values and vigorously resist allowing any more people of color into America under any circumstances. They’re officially calling it the “America First Caucus.”

The original America First movement started in the autumn of 1940, with open support for Adolf Hitler, loudly promoting their fear that white people in America were subject to being “replaced” by people of color into the fabric of our country. Those engineering this Great Replacement, America Firsters believed, were wealthy, media-connected Jews.


Black doctor’s suit against Tulane points to medical industry’s racism problem
OPINION: Doctor Princess Dennar was forced to share her program director job at Tulane University School of Medicine with a white man. When she spoke out, she was suspended.
Dr. Shamard Charles
February 26, 2021

A running joke in the NFL is that Black assistant coaches only get a head coaching opportunity after the implosion of a white-run regimen. The perception is that Black head coaches are not adequate leaders and their presence may deter fans. Apparently, this idea persists in some medical circles as well.

Last week, Tulane University School of Medicine (TUSM) suspended Dr. Princess Dennar, a Black physician, from her position as residency program director for the school’s medicine and pediatrics programs. The New Orleans-based school offered no reason why, but the timing of Dennar’s suspension was peculiar given that she had filed a lawsuit alleging racist and sexist treatment by school leaders five months earlier.


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