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General Discussion Forum / Re: Blacks' exodus reshapes cities
« on: May 18, 2011, 12:26:14 PM »
NO surprises here. This has been happening in several metropolitan areas including the ATL.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Billboard: May 21 is Judgment Day
« on: May 18, 2011, 12:15:38 PM »

General Discussion Forum / Re: ATL Folks
« on: May 18, 2011, 12:00:09 PM »
Great local places to eat?

Depends on what you have a taste for...
 there all kinds of restaurants in the downtown/midtown area.

You in the mood for tapas? seafood? ribs? cuban? mexican? soulfood?  :shrug:

Where to find a good barber?

Being a BALD brotha who shaves his own head, its been a while
 since I've visited a barber shop.
There is one right across the street from where I work.
I'll ask a few folks as well and let you know.


General Discussion Forum / Re: SUMMER VACATION PLANS
« on: May 18, 2011, 08:43:59 AM »
man, I need to find some of that tender rib rub, Tony   :nod:

General Discussion Forum / Re: THANK YOU OW!
« on: May 18, 2011, 08:34:08 AM »

and this will be our Wednesday HUMPDAY Jam of the Day, Tony  ;D

 >:( I wish a mothatrucka would!   ::)

Nova, I was wondering the same. But then I read the article again and it never states that he had unprotected sex with the women. He had sex with them without disclosing that he was HIV positive.  

Ohio law requires people who know they are HIV positive to disclose that information to their partners.

Apparently, in Ohio, keeping your mouth closed about your status is a crime, i.e., not telling your sex partners you're HIV positive.

Even if condoms were used, there is still a risk. Condoms do not protect 100%.

I'm not saying that they did not have unprotected sex, I'm just saying, that wasn't revealed in the article. Some of his partners may have.

Sadly, THIS is why a lot of our people are coming up HIV positive.

the extreme ways some of these kids act, school districts may want to remove aides
 from the special ed bus and put them on the regular buses.  :lol:

 :nod:   I hope it does help prevent someone else from committing suicide and seeing that they do have options in dealing with their issues.

I really hate that a person can get to a point and feel like suicide is really their only answer.

That has to be a very cold desperate and lonely place to be.

Indeed it is, EB.  I would hope that schools would also air the program or remind students to watch it. And I would hope parents would make their kids sit and watch it with them.  Some of our folks have no clue about our history. I'm glad programs like this have been produced to enlighten us all.  :nod:

In light of this, it leads me to ask this question: On regular daily school buses in many locales, I see the aid sitting up front behind or across from the driver. Shouldn't they also be posted in the back of the bus?

Do the aides just sit up front with the driver or do they walk back and forth down the aisle monitoring the kids?   :shrug:

I am surprised that no one on this thread has talked about why this guy decided to come out.  BT, I don't think he came out because he was planning to have a big coming out party this weekend, or a probate show in celebration of his homosexuality.  I think his reasons were a little bit more genuine and intelligent than some of the posts I've seen on this board.

Conquero, Don was  It is just one of many things that he discusses in his
 new book. In the article, he mentions why he decided to include this info in the book.

he interview, Lemon said that he has never hidden his sexuality from his co-workers at CNN, but decided to take a more public step after he felt that he could not write an inspirational book without being open about who he is.

VG, check your tv listings, it will be airing again several times.   :nod:


I couldn't forget when that darkskinned girl said she told bull conner "We'll be back by High Noon!"

Talk about NERVE!!!!  :o

Yes, she did, Cholly!  I had to crack up when she said that.  ;D

 :clap:  Excellent program and for those who missed it or missed taping it, it will air again.
Check your local listings.

Isn't it amazing the things young people accomplished back then with so much less than what is available to young people now?

I find that to be just awesome!!!!!

Tony, Imma need you to DO BETTER, ya hear.   :lol:

BTW, you gon sign my copy of the book, right?  ;D

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